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By ReebokPrince

Fifteen Year Window To Raise Children Right

When it comes to raising children, parents have only 15 years to do it right. It does not matter if the child is a girl or boy. Depending on how the child is raised, the age of fifteen is usually when a child thinks they are grown. This was usually the age where children talk back to their parents and might actually be abusive towards the parents.

It still depends on how parents raise children. Some families spank their kids. Some families take things that a child cherishes to get one to act right. Pastors in churches stress raising children in the ways of the lord in those first 15 years. If children are not raised right by the parents of church going people, the influence of god on those children is lost.

When it comes to disciplining kids in a broken home, the behaviors of parents or a parent will be passed on to the child. If a child is raised in an abusive home environment, it is likely that the child will be abusive when he or she becomes a parent. There is a 15 year old girl who has a father who was an alcoholic and beat on the mom.

They are separated and the girl does not want anything to do with the father. She was close to the mother until she turned 13. The mom has a problem with alcohol but is not abusive. The child is a straight A student who lives with her grandparents. She wants to divorce her from her mom and become independent. Some children at this age would not know what to do. Some kids become rebellious and look on their friends as family.

Some kids become runaways and get into trouble with the law. There are children out there being raised in fatherless homes. Fathers and mothers have specific roles in the raising of kids. It is the parent's responsibility to prepare children for what awaits them in life when they enter into adulthood.

Raising kids in today's world can be hard. Racism is now a hot topic than a decade ago. To break the cycle of racism towards people of another ethnicity, a family must first teach kids that it is wrong to hate and treat people as if they are less of a human being. If kids are trained early, it is most likely that they will not grow up hating others.

Parents pass on behaviors and traits to their kids. Kids need a father figure in their lives. Kids need both parents in reality. If children are raised by positive parents and are around positive people, it is most likely that the children will become positive adults and raise positive kids.

Do not forget the schools. Children will have a better advantage in succeeding in school if the home environment is positive. Parents need to engage more with their kids when it comes to helping with school work and their daily lives. The kids will thank, respect, and appreciate what their parents did for them in helping raise them right.

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