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Factors influencing the choice of house pets

Many people love animal pets for various reasons, and in fact most of the people have perceived them to be part of their daily lives. It should be noted that the preference for a pet comes along with the comfort and conduciveness the pet's environment should have. The primary aim of this essay is to review some of the factors considered when choosing house pet and the reasons for the choices. It will also discuss how these choices are influenced by the pet lover's lifestyle.

Pets provide security

Security and protection are one of the services provided by pets. A classic example to this is dogs. For long, dogs have been known to be very sensitive animals and have been used to guard property and homesteads in the presence or absence of the home owners (American Humane Association, 2012).

The preference to dog would be because of their high sensitivity to smell, as well as their abilities to differentiate and predict human intentions (Australian Companion Animal Council, 2009). Dogs also have sharp visual power and therefore can see from a far distance and these makes them suitable for pets for security services (PAWS for People, 2015). Dogs are also swift predators and can be trusted to hunt a fast moving animal or person in case of security alert. The choice of animal security is due to the need for trustworthiness and loyalty that many people prefer (Australian Companion Animal Council, 2009).

Consider pet hygiene

Hygiene and probability of disease infection is also another factor that the majority of pet lovers considered before deciding to have a pet in their homes. For instance, many people do not prefer rats due to their unhygienic environment which they live (Australian Companion Animal Council, 2009). They dispose their wastes off their feces anyhow, making them very likely to cause sanitation problems. On the other hand, cats are first choice pets to many people due to their hygienic lifestyle (American Humane Association, 2012).

They are known to dispose off their waste far from where live. It should also be noted that allergic persons to animals fur may not prefer to house pets that would easily cause such allergic reactions (PAWS for People, 2015). For example, when some people get into contact with cats and dogs fur, the fur allergens causes skin irritations. High standards of hygiene and on-site sanitation are valued to lower health risks by many pet lovers (Australian Companion Animal Council, 2009).

Beauty is another important factor that most considered while choosing house pet. Parrots are birds with different colors that many people prefer for the beauty of their colors and would easily have them within their homes for beauty decoration (Australian Companion Animal Council, 2009). Cats and dogs are gentle and obedient animals when well nurtured, and therefore they would be preferred to other animals for their obedience and gentleness (PAWS for People, 2015). Furthermore, these animals are responsive and one would easily tell a communication from them making it easy to work with them. Beauty and scenic vista are natural preference that people have and therefore pet animals would be perfect choices for that in many homes (American Humane Association, 2012).

In conclusion, it is highly noted that pet animals are crucial and integral part of human lifestyle, whether for the indirect or direct services they provide. It is also evident that choices for the house pets are influenced by their beauty, security services, hygiene as well as their gentleness, among many other factors.

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