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By Tina Coates

Fabulous tips when you need to get away for some rest

We all seem to be living frantically paced lives these days. We are so busy. We have to be at the office early. There are those late business meetings. There is dinner to make for the spouse and kids as soon as we get home. There is a ton of housework to do. Friends want us to call them or respond to their email. There is the need to do laundry, help kids with homework, get the trash out and look after the pets. And besides all this, the spouse wants intimacy when we feel tired and overwhelmed. The reality is that we all need a break sometimes.

Take a break

It truly is okay for you to take a break to get away for some good rest. It is highly valuable for you to invest in a trip to a far-away international destination where you have never gone before. Doing something for yourself like that will rejuvenate you. It will be thrilling and exciting. It is time for you to take that break. You deserve to get some rest.

Value yourself

Working long hours and fulfilling the demands of others is not good for you on a continual basis. Yes, you have a good heart and really want to be responsible. But the fact is you are responsible. You are doing a great job at looking after everyone and everything else. But it seems that somewhere along the way, you may have neglected yourself. That is why it is important for you to get away for some good rest. Thus, you must value yourself as much as you value others. Getting some rest in a nice international resort is a wonderful way to value yourself.

Set your boundaries

It is time to set your boundaries. You must inform others that you need a break from fulfilling their requests. You have a right to tell the boss that you need time off. You have a right to tell friends and family members that you are taking some time for yourself. You do not have to be in contact with them constantly when you are away. You do not have to postpone your trip to fulfill their demands. They will have to get someone else to help them. Indeed, you have a right to set your boundaries, so do it. You will be glad you did.

Keep it a secret

You certainly will likely tell the closest family members in your household where you are going. But you do not have to inform everyone about where you are going. Your mother-in-law or the pesky neighbor who likes to call you at the most inconvenient time every day does not need to know where you are going. Out of courtesy, simply leave a voice message on your phone saying you are away for some rest. without revealing your destination. That way, people cannot track you down to bother you at some hotel or resort. That exotic place should be your haven of relaxation.

Dare to commit

Dare to book that flight to Mali, Tibet, Thailand, Peru, India or wherever you would like to travel. Commit to it. Do not think it is too expensive or that it is a waste of money. Do not think about those who need you. Do not think about those projects. All those people and projects will still be there when you get back. Your only focus is you right now.

A final thought

You are going to have a great time. You will feel stress melt away once you arrive at your fabulous destination. You will realize that this is exactly what you need and that you should regularly book time away to get rest, such as every six months to a year. You will be so refreshed. Yes, you are worth it.

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