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By Kevin Macconkey-Writer @ TheDailyKickstand

Everything you need is already within you

So, here it is – You are not getting any younger. Let's face it: None of us are, and that is OK. Maybe, if you are like I was, you have settled for less than you first set out to achieve. For whatever reasons, you let opportunities pass you by over and over. I did too. But, the first step to growing stronger is healing the past.

To heal the past, we have to be willing to own our mistakes and accept our flaws. Yes, I said accept our flaws. The universe created each of us imperfectly perfect to suit the lives our souls chose long ago. We were born into the world when we were to learn what we need from this life to transcend to the next. So, we need to incorporate how first to forgive ourselves when we make a mistake, and then also to have compassion for the part of us that is still learning as it goes.

Everything you need is already within you

Everything you need to love yourself is already within you. You are beautiful exactly as you are. You are perfectly flawed as the universe intended you to be. It made all of us imperfectly perfect for a reason. Even despite all of this, there is no need to panic; you are right where you are supposed to be. Stop being so hard on yourself. It is OK. Stay focused in the present moment, have faith in what is possible and anticipate the abundance yet to come.

Did I lose you yet? No?

Excellent. I am very glad you are sticking around. Because you see, the best part is that while no, we can not turn back time, we DO have this moment, right now in the present tense to choose to create the life we want and to become the best version of ourselves that our inner selves already know that we are capable of achieving. Through a simple series of open and honest self-care habits, you can harness the unlimited power of the universe. The same power that created you and courses through your veins at this very moment can be used to actualize a more empowered, conscious and successful you.

I can hear you asking me already, "How do I manage all of this and have time to do all this crap I have to do?" Well, keep your shirt on – it is not as overwhelmingly involved as you are possibly imagining. With a small amount of practice, some new shifts in perspectives and a few simple exercises, you can create a new daily routine in no time.

I know, I know – you have already got a routine, yeah? Well, not for nothing, but if you do not mind me asking, how is that working out for you so far?

…That is kind of what I thought, so now, consider the following:

  • Are you ready to try something different?
  • Are you prepared to make intentional and massive steps toward a better, healthier you every single day?
  • Are you finally ready to stop the struggle and start living a more mindful and empowered daily life? One where you actualize a plan to access the wealth and abundance that the universe has in reserve for you?
  • Lastly, are you willing to send worry packing for the chance to grow into the best version of yourself?

Sweet – I was hoping so!

No one can nor will grow your life for you. But, you probably already knew that, right? Right.

Simple steps to self-care

1. Create a list of things that you love about yourself. Write this list somewhere that you will see it often. (i.e. – bathroom mirror, by the door to your room or as a screensaver for your phone or computer screen at work)

2. Create a list of negative habits you wish to change. Keep this in your purse or wallet and strive to correct these behaviors daily. For every day you succeed in not displaying one of these negative traits, make a smiley face next to it. Aim for 7/7 every week.

3. Eat healthy. Exercise. Get restful sleep. Do these things every day!

4. Every morning, recite a mantra to yourself or aloud. It does not have to be complex. Just something that you mean and can remember.

-ex. "Today I will make positive steps towards becoming a better version of myself."

5. Each night forgive yourself for three mistakes you made that day. Forgiveness is as much of a part of self-care as praising yourself. By forgiving your mistakes, you are actually empowering yourself to grow.

Time and Consistency

Over time, these steps will become second nature. Until then, keep track in a chart you make and try every day to push yourself to be better and better at each one. Stretch your limitations and get out of your comfort zone.

You have within you an absolute greatness. All you need to achieve it is to want to change. You just need the desire and motivation to get up and out of your comfort zone and you too can be victorious.

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