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By J. Gwathney

Enhancing your important qualities

Knowing who you are is a very important quality to have. Self-possession provides confidence and can make the difference when fueling perseverance. Within the faculty of knowing yourself, you basically have the ability to know where your boundaries are, and when you should or should not surpass them. Being aware of your capabilities allows you the opportunity to push your limits when you need to. As a person who is constantly looking to improve myself in one way or another I find this the most suitable skill for lifelong learning. This helps me determine my approach to matters and my overall attitude about life in general.


Carrying out plans according to preference all play a part when it comes to knowing yourself. When envisioning the future one vital role in the plan is oneself. Mindfulness begins with the position of the individual involved within a set of circumstances, their emotional condition, as well as their environment. Learning more about yourself changes with every moment perceived. This frame of mind cultivates your interactions when meeting other people and projecting the right image of yourself. Having the presence of self-awareness allows you the benefit of making informed decision and with this ability you're able to maneuver through many challenges.


While it doesn't guarantee the answer to every question it is a good starting point that provides you with a perspective. Accomplishing goals is one of those examples. What you know about any subject of interest can be applied to achieve your most important aspirations. If you're serious about accomplishing a goal you know that knowing yourself take part in propelling you in reaching that particular goal. To know where you are going you must start with who you are.

When I am planning a venture I began with my preferences, then what I am capable of, and from there it's fill in the pieces. Paving a way to achieve a goal begins by being aware of your ability. If you don't know something about a subject you know that you should ask someone who does. This is still a benefit that comes from knowing who you are.

Health benefits

Learning new things as you age is key to keeping from developing any form of dementia. Keeping your cognition in shape can be done by challenging your brain to learn something that you may not have learned before. Remaining sharp and focused is accomplished by mental exercise. Here's where knowing who you are comes in again.


In promoting yourself through a platform for the purpose a venture knowing all there is to know about you will be significant. Presenting the qualities that will be the most useful are the qualities you may want to stand out. These good qualities are what will overshadow the flaws that we all have in one form or another. Being mindful of you is a necessary part of the process when setting out to achieve anything that you feel is worthwhile.

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