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By Tony Oreso

Enhancing your business communication and networking

Mobile technology is an essential tool for both start-ups and established businesses, and has completely revolutionized the business sector over the past three decades. As it continues to advance, many business owners are exploring the ways in which it can change the operations of their businesses in a positive way.

The use of mobile technology has taken business operations out of the office and placed in squarely in the hands of the stakeholders – wherever they are. In this era, gone are the days when business owners had to go into their offices to hold a telephone headset for communication or to reach for an office desktop computer to check business email. Today, smartphones provide a platform for business owners to interact with their customers, employees and other team players at any time and from anywhere.

Used in the right way, mobile technology is one way through which businesses can enhance their productivity and increase their profits in their areas of specialization. Here are four ways by which mobile technology can enhance business networking and communication.

Improved connectivity

Mobile technology leads to more connectivity between business owners, employees and customers. With mobile devices, stakeholders are free to communicate as much as they want without the restriction of office hours. Besides, employees and their bosses can download apps they can use to connect with peers through social media platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites have quickly proven to be effective tools for business communication.

Regular updates

Smartphones and other mobile devices provide real-time information about important business matters. Business owners can use them to track efficient use of staff time, improve customer service and to ensure proper delivery of products and services. With relevant applications, business owners can alert their staff on changes of plans or urgent actions needed.

Processing of business documents

Mobile devices are helpful when it comes to effective quote delivery, order processing, follow-up and communication between business owners and clients. Traditionally, business owners had to undergo limited communication with their clients through limited office hours. With mobile technology, they can now communicate and process orders effectively through their mobile phones.


Even business owners on foreign trips can still get in touch with their businesses and coordinate business functions as required. They can check stock levels using the office network, arrange deliveries and offer any constructive advice as required. With the introduction of mobile technology, business owners are able to send and receive e-mails, make progress reports and deliver any important information just in time.

As the world adopts digital technology, smart communication through mobile technology is one thing that every business owner needs to embrace for effective business growth. Communication and networking is just one area it covers, and there are more to gain from the technology. With more discoveries, it will be even easier for business owners to interact and do business effectively.

If you would like to know more about how you can use mobile technology to grow your business, get in touch with a representative through the form on our website.

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