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By Terri Mitchell

Eight home d(C)cor items you can make with duct-tape

The duct tape trend shows no sign of slowing, and there are even more items emerging that are made quite easily with this adhesive. If you are new to the craze, pick yourself up a roll (or two), and try your hand at some useful and stylish home decor ideas that will prove the vast utility and versatility of duct tape!

Eight household things that you may not have realized can be made with duct tape:

  1. A comfy hammock. What could be better than relaxing in your own, handcrafted hammock? Crafters can now make their own hammock from duct tape, which saves money and gives you the chance to customize it to suit distinct spaces, preferences, and specifications. These also make phenomenal housewarming gifts!
  2. Fun flooring. Some innovative individuals use duct tape over linoleum or vinyl flooring for a fresh, updated look. This may work better in low-traffic areas, and can bring new life to old floors inexpensively. Simply cover clean, dry flooring with strips of duct tape, trimming any excess with a utility blade; replace tape that becomes worn as needed.
  3. A phone case. Don’t spend good money on something simple like a phone case; make your own! Depending on the type of phone that you own, you can simply cover the phone with tape and carefully cut out where the camera or controls are. This is a great option for kids or teens that like to change their phone’s look from time to time.
  4. Decorative orbs. Cover cheap foam balls with duct tape to create decorative spheres, like shoppers might see on a platter or in a centerpiece at a trendy home decor store. These are usually pricey accents, so making them can save money! Fill a bowl with these spheres and a string of holiday lights or EL wire for a captivating display on a holiday table.
  5. Cup coasters. For a useful beginners’ project, try making cup coasters out of duct tape. Simply lay the tape together to create the size that you want, and cover the sticky back with more tape. Another idea is to cover inexpensive ceramic tiles with duct tape on the top surface and to hot glue felt to the bottom to protect the surface that it is used on.
  6. Your holiday wreath. Check out all of the online tutorials for making holiday decor, i.e. a wreath, out of green and red duct tape. Give some away and save money on your holiday shopping.
  7. A textured platter or bowl. Use strips of marbleized or textured duct tape to cover a platter or bowl. Use a sharp crafting blade to trim and fit as needed. These make wonderful centerpieces, and look far more expensive than they really are.
  8. Quick shelf liner. Use strips of duct tape to line a shelf or cabinet in the kitchen. This works similarly to contact paper, but is easier to cut and work with due to the narrow size. Check out fun prints and patterns to bring some flair to the space.

Try these crafting ideas and see just how versatile duct tape really is! There are a number of videos and online tutorials that explain the many, many household and decor items that you can create simply from duct tape. Consider these unique projects and make something from resilient and inexpensive duct tape today!

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