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By Yoko Correia Nishimiya

Education is 2017's comedy

2017 has been a banner year for television. The industry has made a comeback with educational television combined with comedy, making people laugh while learning and understanding new things. It is great for people who like to learn in their free time or a parent who wants to educate their kids in an enjoyable way.

Black-ish has reached its peak this year, by using its platform to educate people about real life issues such as post-partum depression, personality differences in the family, senior-hood and many others. At the same time, it has been educating about black history and culture in the funniest manner.

One Day at a Time is another educational show that lends insight into the lives of a Latino family living in the United States. The show embraces culture, single motherhood, LGBT acceptance and so much more positivity.

Lady Dynamite is all about self-acceptance, bipolar disorder and depression, which could have been a pretty dark show if it did not star the hilarious Maria Bamford. The show is loosely based on her life and journey through the entertainment industry. It is extremely inspiring to see how strong and determined Maria is during her hardest moments. After binge-watching the show, it will definitely make you want to be the best possible version of yourself.

Grace and Frankie is probably aimed for an older audience who is going through the same life phase as the characters, but I personally love this show. It tells the story of two women in their seventies who find out that their husbands are more than work partners: They have been in love for the past twenty years. The two ladies have to completely change their lives by moving in together and starting their new adventure. I love this show because it shows how a big life change can actually be a blessing in disguise while also educating about the LGBT community, senior challenges and a family member going through rehab.

While Veep is a more political show, it is just as sharp and every bit as funny. It is one of the most interesting shows in the industry right now, which has sparked even more interest lately due to the election; the show gives insight into how government officials spend their days, and the president is a former female senator. It helps the audience understand and sympathize with fast-paced political lives.

Silicon Valley is the perfect show for anyone who wants to know or join the high-tech, high-speed life of the city. The show is very informative, showing all the ups and downs of the startup industry, the relationships of the people and how to learn from mistakes. The show will keep you entertained in every season, and you will be dying to know what is going to happen while laughing at the characters' silliness.

All of these shows deserve a try – not only because they are educational, but also because they are hilarious and will definitely put you in a good mood. Who doesn't love to learn and laugh at the same time? I certainly wish I could have learned math like this.

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