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By Bryant Lloyd

Drake signs to BBK: What is there to gain?

Drake, the Canadian actor turned worldwide musical megastar, has once again crashed headlines after revealing he has “signed” to Boy Better Know, a London-based grime group that has seen major success in the UK. Founded by brothers Skepta and Jamie “JME,” the independent label has defied odds and ridden a wave of massive success in London but has yet to break into U.S. mainstream. It appears that Drake wants to change things. Though details have yet to surface on the supposed signing, it’s clear, at least to Drake, that the deal is done, according to an Instagram post he added after a surprise performance in London with the Section Boyz.

Boy Better Know

Drake and Boy Better Know (BBK) have had a semi-public love affair for some time now. Drake has admitted to being a fan of Skepta in his Fader cover story before meeting with the artist and forming a “brother” like bond with the mc. Though it’s clear how BBK can benefit from the supposed signing, what Drake stands to gain from the deal becomes the question. After all, it is still a business, and Drake is smart enough to make sure that there is something to be gained.

With a record-smashing career that only garners more accolades as time goes by, it’s hard to imagine how Drake could get any bigger. This fact combined with a few lingering rumors has led many to debate his standings with his current label Young Money/Cash Money (YMCMB). Drake has been signed to YMCMB since the summer of 2009, partnering with rapper Lil Wayne and millionaire mogul Bryan “Birdman” Williams to craft a historic career. However, with the revelation of mismanaged money and dissension within the group made very public, many speculate that this is Drake’s way of getting out of a bad situation. Even with an apparent truce between Lil Wayne and Birdman, who were in the midst of a $51 million dollar lawsuit in 2015, Drake could be looking for more stability as his career progress. However, despite the rumors circulating last year about “If you’re reading this it’s too late” being Drake’s last album under his contract with Cash Money, Drake is still signed to the label as evident from the copyrights on all his new material. From a legal standpoint, the only way he could sign to another label is if Birdman willingly allows it to happen, even with the label being on another continent.

Where to from here?

It remains a mystery as to what the self-proclaimed “six god” has planned for his new London connections, but one thing is certain: Drake wants to create era-defining music. Labeled as a hip-hop artist, Drake is a musical visionary whose unique perspective allows him to blend different cultures and weave them into his music. Coupled with deeply personal, sometimes superficial lyrics, his abilities have lifted him to the category of elite. Maybe this supposed signing is just another evolutionary step for his music, a means of staying ahead in an industry he so clearly dominates already. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below on your thoughts about Drake signing to the BBK.

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