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By Thea Theresa English

Don't pay full price for these items

We often waste money by paying full price for certain items, and actually there are many things that we can purchase at a fraction of the regular price. One such item is magazines. Magazine subscriptions are pricey and it is best to get these at discount prices. The key is to search through your favorite magazines for subscription special offers.


We all love high-quality clothes but since there are countless methods of saving money on them, it is not necessary to pay full price. I love to visit consignment shops and outlet stores because they sell designer brand clothing at great prices. You can also take advantage of online sales. When I was pregnant, I purchased baby clothes in bulk from an online auction site and they were of good quality.


You do not have to pay full price on appliances because during most holidays appliance stores have nice sales. Also take advantage of your state's tax-free holidays because the appliance stores use these times to draw customers in with discounts. If you are buying used appliances, inspect the condition and negotiate a good price based on that condition.

Baby food

Those jars of flavored baby food may appeal to your baby but they break your wallet every pay period depending on how many you purchase. After six months of age, your baby may start teething and he can eat pureed fruits and vegetables. Why not buy canned veggies and fruits on sale and make your own baby food recipes by making them in your blender? It might be healthier since it will not contain the additives found in most processed baby foods. In addition, after nine months of age most babies can eat a little table food.


With the weekly sales ads and manufacturers' coupons you can use, it is not wise to pay full price for groceries. You can save even more money on groceries by purchasing certain items at the dollar store or buying generic brands of items such as rice, flour, butter and sugar. By doing this you stretch your food budget.


In my college years I used to pay full price on my favorite music but thanks to music apps, I stopped buying music altogether. With my smartphone I can listen to my playlists wherever I go and if I'm working on the computer, I turn on internet radio stations.

Computers and cell phones

Laptops have gotten cheaper these days so there is no excuse to not pay full price for a computer. The manufacturer's website often sells refurbished ones at discounted prices but some of the newer models might also be on sale. Online auction sites are good sources for affordable computers. As for cell phones, independent phone companies spring up all the time and they might offer you a cheaper plan than the big-name phone companies.

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