Diversity in music genres


Many are familiar with the common genres of music, like hip-hop, jazz, blues, country and gospel, but these days there are numerous other genres that you may not have explored yet. One of the best ways to learn about new genres of music is to listen to noncommercial radio stations and music podcasts on the Internet. Some genres are easier to listen to than others, but if you have an open mind you can better appreciate the obscure genres.

Drone music

Drone music is a heavily synthesized type of music that resembles the sound of drones and other loud machines. Drone has elements of new wave music, and new wave artists like Brian Eno and Velvet Underground have done songs in the drone music category. Other elements of drone music are repetitive chord arrangements and a slow tempo.


Dubstyle is a combination of the dubstep and hardstyle genres. This kind of music is rooted in house and techno genres and can be fast or very slow. Dubstyle is often played at the hottest clubs in the country and is popular among the younger generation. The drumming in dubstyle music is deep and heavy, and the music is characterized by disjointed sounds. Some well-known dubstyle artists are Psyko Punkz, DJ Outbreak, Ran-D and Coone.

Jazz rap

There is nothing too unusual about jazz rap, since it's a blend of jazz and hip-hop. This genre was at its peak in the 1990s and early 2000s, but traces of it still exist today. Guru, of the rap group Gang Starr, was involved in jazz rap, and others who embraced it include A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets. Gang Starr's song "Jazz Music" and Digable Planet's "Rebirth of Slick" are examples of jazz rap.

Country dance music

This is a reference to the kind of country music that has elements of electronic in the rhythm and melody. However, the lyricism remains true to the traditions of country music. The result is a weird blend of country and electronica. The song "Something Better," done by Audien and country group Lady Antebellum, is an example of this genre. "Back Home" by Owl City and Jake Owen is another example of country dance music.

Contemporary gospel

Contemporary gospel is a break from the church-influenced traditional gospel sound. This genre of Christian music combines a biblical message with R&B and at times hip-hop. Some artists in this category include Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobb, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary and Fred Hammond.


This is a style of Caribbean music that has roots in Puerto Rico and Panama. This genre blends dance hall music, Trinidadian calypso, and soca and salsa to create a hip yet sensual style of music. Reggaeton also has elements of hip-hop. Some well-known reggaeton artists are Daddy Yankee, El General, and Black Apache. Reggaeton deals with topics such as sex, poverty, crime, family and politics.

These genres reflect the diversity of this country and are worth a listen.


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