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Discover tips for men dating older women

Older women in their 40s have an increased need for sex. This is why the trend today is for older women to hook up with younger men who can match their sexual needs. This is also known as the cougar effect. If you are a younger man dating an older woman, here are a few tips to consider.

Older woman, younger man

Dating a more mature woman has a lot of advantages. She knows what she wants and has more experience. She is more independent and doesn't cling. Here are a few things to expect in the relationship:

1. Try not to play games – an older woman would rather be told directly what the real score is. She doesn't have time for games or guesswork. If you are attracted to her and see a future with her, it is best to let her know.
2. Learn from the relationship – she is more experienced and can teach you a lot of things. She is also more emotionally mature which will benefit you.
3. Enjoy your boy toy status – she probably hooked up with you to feel young and more alive. Match her sexual needs and give her what she wants.
4. Don't make the mistake of assuming she is innocent – she probably had more sexual partners than you. Don't think you will be the one who will take the lead.
5. Don't try to change her – her ways are most likely set already. She has her routine and schedule which she tries to fit you into. Don't be demanding and try to be accommodating.
6. She wants to have fun – she may be older but she also wants to enjoy the things that people do when dating. Take her out to watch a movie and dine afterward.
7. Learn to communicate well – communication is important in a good relationship. Try to be honest with her and vocal about what you think. Women and men might think differently but healthy talk bridges whatever needs to be understood.
8. Have your own goals and direction – she has her career and you need your own direction in life. She will be more impressed if you know what you want to achieve and go after those things.
9. She is not your mother – she might be older but don't treat her like your mother. You also would not want her to act and behave like your mother.
10. She wants to be treated right – respect what she is doing and don't make an issue about the age difference. Respecting her will make her happier in the relationship.

It's in the handling of the relationship

In conclusion, you will find that any relationship is about give and take. Don't be the receiver or the taker all the time. Try to give her something she will like and surprise her with thoughtful gestures. You could be compatible in bed but it would be great if you are a good fit in other areas as well. Being with an older woman is exciting, fascinating, and fun.

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