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By Qiana Williams

Current Marketing Strategies to Become Competitive in the Digital World

Today's marketing techniques include digital marketing strategies that were not being used ten or fifteen years ago. These new and innovative strategies have replaced many traditional and commercial marketing practices. If your business has not yet crossed over into the digital era for marketing, the process can be overwhelming and confusing on where to begin. The goal is to become competitive in the digital world.

Below are some quick, easy and low-cost tips to effectively market your company digitally.

Social Media Marketing

Consider the fact that Americans alone spend over 2 hours a day using various social media platforms to engage. This number does not include international usage. Statistics show that this number is also up from just around two hours in 2016, which shows a steady incline.

The way that you engage with your customers is essential when it comes to social media. It's not about overtly marketing your company. The goal is piquing the interest of those that follow you through engaging and informative posts. Proper usage of social media can also aide in gaining insight into your target market through free focus-group based questions. Remain informative instead of sales-driven, and always end with a brief call to action.

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are advertisements that are geared toward a specific demographic and market. This is done through the use of keywords and personalized likes for each group. The success of these ads is measured by the click-through rate- that being the consumers that responded to the ad by clicking on it for more information.

Targeted ads can be executed via various social media platforms, Google Ads or a mix of both. Traditionally, targeted ads were run via newspaper, magazines, radio, and television. For a brick-and-mortar run business, targeted local ads that are set up on Google can assist in increasing company visibility locally. Targeted ads are cost-effective when utilized correctly.

Product Placement

For a company that sells products instead of services, product placement is a fantastic marketing tool. Additionally, product placement works simultaneously with your social media campaigns.

For example , you are a leather accessory company and you use product placement to have your bag on a celebrity for a red-carpet premiere. The agreement should always entail having the celebrity (or their media team) put out a minimum of social media posts, tagging your company. Have your agreements in writing to prevent putting out a product that does not get promoted in return.

The response to companies that properly use product placement is often tremendous- be it measured in social media follows, a much wider net of exposure, or actual sales.

Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is most often a well-known social media or local influencer that is hired to promote your company's product or services. Essentially, brand ambassadors become the "face" of your company- representing you at events, local media, promotional opportunities and the like.

Four key traits of a great brand ambassador are as follows:

  1. An established and current social media following
  2. Knowledge of marketing- including proper utilization of social media for brand growth
  3. A high level of professionalism- including oral, written and physical presentation. Remember, how they dress, speak and present themselves are now a representation of your brand.
  4. Great leadership and interpersonal skills as well as existing professional relationships

Utilizing these current and digital marketing tips, you can quickly and effectively market your company while building your online presence.

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