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By Eduard Yakubov

Creating an effective online dating profile for men

The effectiveness of an online dating profile is determined by various factors. This is true for both genders. What works for men does not necessarily work for women. Men are more likely willing to meet women that have red flags on their profile, than the other way around.

If a man's profile contains what women consider "red flags," it is rare that their message will warrant a response, let alone a meeting in person.

Profile picture

The first thing to consider is the profile picture. The profile picture is paramount. It must portray a sense that the man has nothing to hide and that he is confident with his appearance.

Wearing sunglasses or a hat may mean that one is hiding unflattering features. This, in a sense, implies deceit or a lack of self-esteem. In fact, many women state in their profiles that they will not respond or message a man that is wearing sunglasses or a hat in his pictures.

The same principal should apply to all pictures. Lack of sunglasses is good, but lack of shirt is not. For most women, a man not wearing a top is definitely a deal-breaker. Profiles with semi-nude pictures is a turn-off to women who are looking for a man of substance.

Profile text

Photographs alone are not enough. A solid, full-proof profile makes for a man of substance. To stand out, men should avoid generic profiles. Terms such as "down to earth" and "work hard and play harder" are some of the most commonly used words in online dating profiles.

These phrases do a poor job of describing a man's personality, especially since many men, and women, use them to portray their demeanor. A man should use this opportunity to tell his readers about his day and what it consists of, so as to better present oneself.

Describing activities that one does in his spare time is a great way to introduce oneself. Instead of describing oneself as "well-traveled," the man should mention or talk about the places he has actually traveled to.

Profile length

A lengthy profile is another common mistake. The purpose of an online dating profile is to give the other person a glimpse into one's personality. A man should reserve the actual story-telling for the in-person date.

One should spend more time discussing things he is looking for, instead of things that turn him off. Many men get caught up rambling about qualities that they find unappealing and as a result make themselves seem less approachable. To fix this, a man should talk about traits and qualities that he finds admirable.

Men should stay away from making vague lists of things they like, such as books, movies or food. A better approach is to be specific and talk about one's favorite movies, authors or restaurants.

It is important to be honest with statistics and descriptions of oneself. Most men may be insecure with their height and will state that they are taller, than they actually are. While this may be a white lie, women will deem lack of confidence as a turn-off.

A profile that is open and forthcoming will not only yield better results, but will make for a great first date.

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