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By Kelsey Grindstaff

Connecting to baby before birth

Connecting to your baby during pregnancy is a very natural and important occurrence. In many ways, it is almost automatic; she is with you literally 24/7. Connecting is imminent at birth; however, many mothers want to strengthen their bond with baby as early as possible, which is a wonderful thing. Here are some ideas to help with ideas on how to bond more.

Read to baby. Read everything to your baby. Yes, read whatever you are currently reading. Let her experience with you what you are experiencing. Babies do not understand the words at this point, but they do learn inflection and they understand emotion. If you enjoy what you are reading, your baby will as well.

Talk to your baby as if she were in your arms. Again, babies learn inflection at a very young age (have you ever heard a baby "talk"?) and they understand emotion. We talk to them when they are born, and we can see that they love it. It is no different now. In fact, the more baby hears your voice from the womb, the better she will recognize it, so talk to your baby.

Sit with your baby. Relaxing is a good thing, especially during pregnancy. While you are relaxing, spend some time thinking about your baby. Rub your tummy. Look at those ultrasound pictures. Whatever helps you to think about your baby, do it. Remember that bonding with baby is about you just as much as it is about the baby.

Sing to your baby. At this point in her life, your baby cannot tell if you are a great singer or if you sound horrible. She does not care. Music is a language that everybody can understand, including your baby. She needs to hear you sing.

Along the same lines, listen to music with your baby. Let her learn to experience the music you like. Let her learn to experience the music you would like for her to enjoy. She will learn to like it by listening. Just as we feel a connection with the songs we grew up with whether or not they were children's songs, so will your baby.

Go for walks with your baby. Walk somewhere you enjoy. You can walk as fast or slow as is comfortable for you. As much as babies loved to be walked, this one is also for you. Enjoy your time with your baby. If you need to stop and sit, that is ok. It is not about completing a chore. It is about feeling connected.

There are probably thousands of ways to build a bond with your baby. In fact, every woman will have some way they connect with their baby that is different than what any other woman has. That is a wonderful thing. Do what works for you to establish one of the longest and greatest relationships of a lifetime.

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