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By Lynn Wood

Color your dreams to follow easy steps for home improvement

So you feel a bit disconsolate at home? Many people go through periods when they want to take away everything and start over, or just want to move. The fact is that you can always make your home better. Why not try some of the suggestions in this article?

Consider painting

While you could make yourself home improvements, do not overlook the recommendations made by experts.

Maybe you follow these programs on television that explain how to improve the appearance of your home, and then think you already know enough to undertake the task on your own. Before redecorating, change the color of the walls inside your house.

If you do not want to spend too much money on this project, you can paint the rooms yourself, the most popular improvement project at home.

Now, what do you need? If your answer is "just paint and brushes," you are incorrect.

While painting the walls is a relatively simple activity, it is necessary to prepare well before proceeding to apply the layers of paint. Otherwise, you risk stains re-emerging after the paint dries.

Prepare the surface

Clean the surface of the wall to ensure that work is durable. After observing the walls to determine what type of stains or damage occur, you need to arm yourself with the tools and materials needed to eliminate all problems. The most common are the cracks, the presence of mold and peeling paint.


It is necessary to check the walls for cracks. According to experts, if you find cracks in plaster, the first thing you have to do is use a tool known as "Five in One."

The next step is to remove loose debris and resurface the separation with special filler for cracks. After allowing 24 hours, prime the wall.


Mold, a kind of fungus that lives in humid environments, is somewhat difficult to remove, so it needs to be treated with chemicals containing chlorine.

Before applying chlorine, experts advise washing the stains with detergent and water. If this fails to remove mildew stains, sand and proceed to repair the wall with primer and then sanearla.

To completely remove mold, wash the walls with chlorine, which completely eliminates spores. Then use a solution of TSP and rinse with warm water. Let the wall dry completely.

Peeling paint

Before applying a new coat of paint, the wall has to be as smooth as possible. If you find loose paint, use a putty knife or scraper and remove it. Then apply a material to mend.

Use sandpaper. Do this until you feel the smooth touch surface.

Before painting

Before painting, I advise you to check all surfaces and mending places that are not smooth. If you find any unequal place after applying the primer, re-patch and apply primer again before proceeding to apply the paint.

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