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By Rachel Swanson

Clearing up myths about strength training

There are several myths in regards to strength training, which can stop people from exercising this way. If there is a better understanding of strength training, it will be easy to see that the benefits will be worth adding it into a exercise routine.

Resistant level is important

One myth is lights weights are better for the body. That is not actually true – it is better to add some resistance. What is actually better for the body is to choose a resistance level that can easily be done in 12 to 15 repetitions. As the weight level become easier the resistance level should then be increased. If it is too difficult to complete 12 to 15 repetitions then remove some weight until it is not hard. There is no need to strain but resistance is important.

Don't be afraid of body bulk

Another myth that women especially are concerned with is that strength training will cause the body to become bulky. Building the muscle does cause them to get bigger, the muscle increase will basically be replacing the fat. Strength training does not have to mean body building. Women have estrogen in their bodies, which prevents them from bulking with out performance enhancement supplement.

Many people think that aerobic exercise is the only method for losing weight. While aerobic exercise is a very important factor in losing weight, strength training is just as important. Building muscles will allow calories to burn while the body is at rest. Having muscles is also a support tool for an aerobic work out, because the muscle will burn more calories than fat, this will make your body a fat-burning machine.

Strength also increase a persons metabolism which helps them in losing weight. The higher a persons metabolism is the more calories that they will burn. So when doing aerobic exercises to lose weight having muscle will only help reach that goal faster, and make the body look lean and tone like everyone wants.

Not time-consuming

Many people claim that they do not have time to strength train. Research shows by doing one set of 12 reps with the correct amount of weight resistance build muscle, and in most cases can be more effective than three sets of the same exercise using too little weight. So hours in the gym strength training is not required. A person only need 20 to 30 minutes a day two to three times a week to build muscle.

The stronger the muscles are the longer we are able to work out. Building muscles help protect the joints as they work. This will help prevent injury. Resting the muscles is important as well. Take a break in between each day when exercising.

Strength training not only help a person reach their weight loss goal quicker, but it also makes them look better. Strength training tones the muscles which gives the body that slim firm look. Loosing weight without strength training will cause skin sagging and the appearance of loose fat

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