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By Thea Theresa English

Check out these creative ways to save money on school supplies

In mid-August, most schools reopen, and this means you will need to shop for those school supplies once more. You know that school-related expenses add up over the course of the year, but thankfully there are frugal ways to shop for the little ones before classes start.

One thing you can do is go through the kids’ closets and cabinets to see if they already have adequate school supplies from the previous school year. Your kids can reuse these and you will save money.

Do not give in to every request

It is likely that your kids might want certain brands of school supplies, gadgets and clothes but while you can treat them to their favorite brands occasionally, you should not do this frequently if you want to save money. Thrift stores, dollar stores, independent online retailers and some drugstores offer affordable school supplies that work just as well as the pricey ones that the kids want.

Take advantage of sales tax holidays

In most states, you can save money on school supplies and clothing during a sales tax holiday. This is a time when people can shop without having to pay the sales tax on items. Check with your state’s treasury department or the local news for the next sales tax holiday. This is a great time to buy discount supplies in bulk.

Use social media to your advantage

Many retailers post links of coupon codes, coupons and announcements of upcoming storewide sales on Facebook and Twitter. Periodically check these networks during the school year so that you can rack up plenty of savings.

Host a school supplies swap with other families in the neighborhood

If you are friends with other parents in your neighborhood, call and invite them to a school supplies and clothing swap. You can swap all kinds of neat stuff with these families, and it cuts down on the number of items you will need to purchase at the stores.

Shop during early to late summer for the best sales

If you want to cut costs on school supplies and clothes, it is best to shop between early to late summer before school starts. This is because you do not want to wait until days before school starts to buy them. In addition, a lot of the best sales for school supplies occur weeks before the first day of school. This saves you time and you will be more organized.

Compare prices at different stores

You do not want to buy everything from one place when purchasing school supplies. Some stores are cheaper than others and this is why you should compare prices from multiple places. You might find that the drugstore has binders for a certain price but the office supply store has the same binders at cheaper prices.

Go to school supply giveaways in the area

Some local nonprofit organizations host school supply giveaways for low income families who struggle to buy supplies for their children. Visit these organizations’ websites during the summer and find out where the giveaways will be held as well as the times. At the giveaways, you are usually given a bookbag and other small supplies. With these strategies, you can have school supplies without breaking the budget.

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7 Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

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