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Category: Travel and Leisure

Day 1. Roaming through Rovinj We started our trip in one of the last traditional fishing towns in all of

Every city has a history. In its streets, in its people, and in the structures they inhabit. While in New

There is nothing more glorious than a clear blue summer Colorado Rocky Mountain Sky. So bring good sunscreen! Whether you

A retired US Navy Veteran goes to England on vacation, explores some of England's history and landmarks and finds an

If you’ve been to both Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia, then you’ve likely picked up on a few similarities.

The day before I left Atlanta, Georgia to begin a teaching gig in Turin, Italy, I decided to review my

In the year 1858, a gold discovery in Colorado started the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. But for this time of

Most travelers headed to Italy choose famous historic destinations like Rome, Venice or Florence when planning their itineraries. For beach

Finding affordable things to do with a family can seem like a daunting task when comparing prices for tickets, fuel,

Las Vegas, Nevada offers thousands of lodging, restaurant, entertainment and gaming options. With something for every interest and budget, this

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