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Category: Pets and Animals

We all love our pets. Well, that's probably not true; most of us love our pets….. Hopefully. But, whether we

Over 40 percent of American households have a dog as their family pet. Domesticated dogs are a part of everyday

Nick knack, paddy whack, give your dog a bone??? Are bones good for dogs? A consumer update from the Food

Many pet owners choose to control the costs of keeping their dogs healthy by purchasing pet insurance. This means they

Much like the case with human blood donations, dog blood donors are in great demand. The similarities do not end

The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that eighty percent of dogs show signs of oral disease by age three. This

Many pet owners choose to muzzle their dogs, for a variety of reasons. The most common questions asked before this

Why not use human shampoo on your dog? If it works for you, it should work for little Fido too,

What is alopecia? Alopecia simply means a lack of hair where hair is normally present. Hair loss in dogs can

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