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Category: Food and Drink

The only thing better than watching your favorite Christmas movies as a kid is watching them again as an adult

Have you gone through cookbooks worth of recipes trying to find the perfect pizza recipe, only to have your dough

There are hundreds of breweries across the great state of California, and new ones are established every day. It's safe

Do you know which macro-nutrients are the most misunderstood? Fats! Because of the world's fascination with dieting and weight loss,

There isn't anything wrong with the traditional potato, but sweet potatoes are a tasty alternative with the health-conscious edge. They

How many times have you attempted to make your grandmother's cornbread only to fail miserably? One little-known secret to making

A few months ago, I saw a listing on Amazon for a variety pack of 18 British candy bars that

For people who want to ease into wine tasting or love a delightfully different varietal, try something a little sweet.

The word diet comes from the Greek word "diaeta" which means "way of life." The Greek Mediterranean diet is just

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