Cadbury Chocolates Variety Pack Review


A few months ago, I saw a listing on Amazon for a variety pack of 18 British candy bars that I found very interesting and wanted to try. It was only $11.58 in total, with free shipping from England. I was amazed at how fast it arrived – less than a week and a half – and at how neatly packaged and intact the bars were. There were six each of the three kinds I ordered: Crunchie, and Curlywurly and Flake. I was most interested in trying the Crunchie bar, because I cannot find Violet Crumble in any local stores anymore and I had heard from others that Crunchie was very similar to it.


The first candy bar I tried was Crunchie. Taking one bite reminded me of a Twix, only without the caramel. It was a honey-imbued toffee taste that was actually kind of refreshing, and it did remind me a lot of Violet Crumble, my favorite childhood candy. The only difference was in the texture. Violet Crumble, if I remember correctly, was harder to chew on, whereas Crunchie quickly melted in my mouth and was lighter-flavored with a honeycomb texture.


Trying Curlywurly was also another tasty surprise. It can also be compared to Twix, except without the crunchy cookie part. It is chocolate laced with milk caramel. I thought Curlywurly had a nice chewy yet smooth texture, though my roommate said most of the caramel got stuck in his teeth.


The Flake bar had a nice taste of cocoa that was pleasant without being overpowering. The consistency of the compacted pieces of chocolate was almost a bit too crumbly, so I had to be very careful with how I consumed it by breaking small chunks of the chocolate off. I have mostly Flake bars left in my box. I liked Flake's overall taste and I am thinking about repurposing some of them for my baking soon as ganache or frosting.

Favorite chocolate bar

If I could choose the chocolate bar I enjoyed the most from this Cadbury pack, it would be a tie between Crunchie and Curlywurly. I really liked the light honeycomb toffee tastiness of Crunchie, and how it evoked some good childhood memories of when my parent used to buy Violet Crumble from the corner store. But I also enjoyed taking my time in consuming the Curlywurly bar as the caramel was not too chewy to me but smooth in its consistency, and meshed well with the signature Cadbury chocolate.

Further thoughts

I would definitely love to try more kinds of British candy, and this Cadbury variety pack I bought from Amazon was definitely worth the price for the amount that I received. I also thought it was a good introduction to chocolates that I would not normally find here in the U.S. It is a must-try if you love chocolate and want to try something new, or if you are looking for a nice alternative to Violet Crumble.


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