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Category: Personal Branding

Mentoring is more than just sharing information. It is sitting down with someone and sharing experiences, learning from each other

Building and promoting a brand can be a tough job for a group, much less for one individual. How do

There is something magical, powerful even, about reliving past accomplishments. Though visiting past experiences too often can be harmful to

Perfecting and presenting your personal brand is essential to your success. Public speaking is an easy way to share with

Have you ever gotten marked with a Sharpie? Remember how hard it was to wash off? It would sometimes take

Personal branding is the process of people marketing themselves or their business in various ways. This is an essential element

The associations people form in their mind when they think or talk about you as a cohesive group is your

It’s that time again. You’re in the market for a new job. You’ve updated your résumé, searched for possible employment,

Goal setting is the key element to success for professionals in every industry. The act of setting goals has an

Social Media One of the most popular and widely effective methods for networking is social media. Social media has been

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