The importance of writing down your accomplishments


There is something magical, powerful even, about reliving past accomplishments. Though visiting past experiences too often can be harmful to one's progression, a periodic reflection of past successes can provide insight when new challenges arise. Keeping track of these moments by writing them down is not only helpful, but it can also add surprising value to your most prized nostalgic moments.


On November 11, 2014, an NBA player broke the all-time record for most missed shots in a single career. An astounding 13,471 missed shots, a number he continues to add to as he still plays the game today almost two years later. That same player, however, has won the NBA championship a historic five times in his career. His name is Kobe Bryant. I use this example to demonstrate two points: one, we fail a lot more than we succeed, and two, succeeding means a lot more. We all fall short of our goals from time to time, sometimes even consecutively. This can cause doubt and make us second-guess ourselves when new opportunities appear. Referring to our list will be a reminder that we do have what it takes, motivating us to push forward despite the perceived failures.

Evidence of progression

Time can be a tricky thing to grasp. In business, long work hours can seem to drag by, sometimes without much evidence of productivity, especially for entrepreneurs. This can be mentally draining and you may find yourself asking, "Am I really getting anywhere?" Writing down your accomplishments as they occur will prove to your future self that progress has been made. When we look back on the events of our past, it seems as if that time flew by us. Yet, when we were going through those years, every day seemed long and grueling. It's a mind trick that must be overcome in order to stay focused and reach the next level. When you reflect back on your life 10 years from now, will you regret not making the short-term sacrifice here and now? Writing down your accomplishments will not only be proof of your growth, it will act as an anchor keeping your mind in the present.


"Everything by longevity tends to get off course." – Jim Rohn

I have heard these words hundreds of times through audio recordings, but I never truly understood the concept until I attempted my first novel: a project that turned into a cluster of evolving moments with no linear plot or focus. When I finished the first version I instantly thought about these words. I had worked on that novel for the better part of a year, and in my inexperience, I neglected to set a plan for the story or review my progress throughout. Instead of my telling the story I wanted to tell, the story took on a life of its own, while I went with the flow. A person's career can mimic this process if a clear plan is not set and progress is not evaluated. Success brings more opportunities, and the more options in front of you the harder it can be to stay on task. Having a list of your accomplishments can be key when evaluating your progress, because you can view your growth and get a glimpse of the direction in which you're headed.

A lot can be learned from past accomplishments. Compiling a list and keeping track of them over time will only aid you in your quest for dominance in your profession. Use your past experiences to tackle new goals and explore different avenues in your career. Allow them to re-energize you over and over again as you gain new sources of motivation. Let your list be your momentum as every new addition accelerates you to your career goals. If this article was helpful, like and share it so that others can enjoy.


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