Careers you can enter with an English degree


So you have an English degree, but it is so broad and you don't want to go into teaching or book publishing. Take heart, because you can find creative careers with your degree that also pay well. Here are some options you should consider.

Literacy coordinators

Literacy coordinators work primarily in school districts, although they might work at local community centers. They are responsible for training English teachers in the best ways to provide instruction to their students. The literacy coordinator also develops programs in schools or nonprofit organizations that improve literacy among the community. Literacy coordinators often hold a bachelor's degree or master's degree in English.

Radio or TV broadcasting

This is a broad field for English majors. If you have not graduated yet, this is the time to gather real-life experience in radio or TV broadcasting. Start by volunteering with the campus radio or TV station, then meet with your professors or career services counselor to apply for internships with local radio or TV stations. Some neat jobs within this field include on-air personality/anchorperson, advertising director, programming director and interview coordinator.

Public relations specialist

These are the persons who are responsible for improving the image of companies and individual clients. They do this by holding press conferences, attending local and state community events that their clients are affiliated with, and mailing out media kits, as well as holding interviews with the media on behalf of their clients. Public relations specialists often have an English or communications degree, and they work long hours at times.

Interpreters and translators

Translators work in various industries and they translate materials for book publishers, government agencies, social science organizations, universities and other industries. If you majored in English but minored in a foreign language, this kind of work would be great for you. Seek employment through online media companies that are in need of virtual translators. You can also work for yourself as a freelance translator.

Daycare center manager

For those who love children and who have an English degree, you can work as a daycare center manager. You would be responsible for managing other workers and planning the week's activities for the kids who will come to your center. You would make sure that the facility is safe and clean and you would interact with parents on a regular basis.

Library assistant

You might not want to get into book publishing, but you can instill a love of reading in others by working as a library assistant. Library assistants assist in lending and receiving books at the circulation desk, helping patrons research different topics, putting away used materials and sometimes presiding over workshops held at the library.

Executive secretary

The executive secretary's main duties include scheduling or cancelling meetings, presiding over meetings in the manager's absence, making and receiving phone calls, preparing business letters, organizing office files and running errands at times. Executive secretaries must be well-dressed, speak well and be able to multitask at times. You can make the most of your degree with these careers.


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