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By Vermel Thomas

Career job sites are the new hiring normal

Companies can benefit greatly from using online career or job search websites. To receive the best talent for your business, recruiting is a key component to your hiring process. Recruiting is ever evolving for human resource managers, especially when you must shorten the amount of time it takes to hire.

A well-organized career site can serve as a company's recruiting core for engaging and interacting with potential candidates and introducing your employment opportunities. Job search websites help businesses to retain their successful value, keep your company a consistent brand name and improve your image to prospective job seekers.

Online career sites are a competitive driven market. Finding the best talent for your business or company is to inform job seekers about the benefits you can provide above other similar industries.1

Online job sites – an effective platform

Career websites help to serve as an effective platform for a potential employee's application decisions. Potential candidates want to know all about your business and how you can help them reach their career goals.

Online job and career postings are certainly more cost-effective. Business financials can show that 20 percent of their annual expense is spent to hire traditional recruiters, not to mention publication fees and the amount of time spent to recruit through these mediums.

Additional benefits of using online career job sites reflect about how much time is saved using this Internet platform. Real-time interaction with candidates is immediate. Posting your job requests takes about five minutes and receiving curricula vitae is also immediate.

Traditional methods vs. internet methods

Traditional hiring methods that require placing an ad in the newspaper could take as long as two weeks. Your human resource manager may need to wait a month to see its benefits while weeding through a myriad of less than position-specific resumes. Also, additional costs and time are expended on interviewing potential candidates through an agency.

Online career sites place companies in touch with candidates directly without any middleman. Companies are in control of assessing candidates and managers will have a handle on database stats for filtering purposes. In the long-term, online job placement websites are better able to provide a perfect match for your company.

Hiring the perfect candidate

Between 13 to 15 million people around the nation are searching for jobs each month, so using an online career site is your best option. Career sites are designed to prominently display your company, its history and job vacancies based on your specifics.

Online job search websites enable businesses to consistently update their SEO changes, update relevant keywords and update appropriate meta tags and links. This can be accomplished within 24 hours – not a month later, as in traditional recruiting methods.

Web-based career sites are the perfect method in which to highlight your brand recognition, communicate the values that you encourage and direct you to the best, skilled individuals. By answering relevant questions about the type of candidate your company is seeking helps to cut through unqualified candidates to help you reach your perfect choice.

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