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By Rebecca Guerrero

Building your career through spotting new trends

It is critical that all professional employees, no matter what field they are involved in, remain abreast of current trends in their chosen field. To be honest, though, this is not true of all employees. Some employees simply go to a job to work while others – the ones who will become our future leaders – have one part of their mind focused on what needs to be done today, yet keep the other part focused on what could possibly be emerging popular trends.

There are steps that can be taken to assist all employees in becoming that one employee who is adept at spotting emerging hot trends.

Tutoring and/or teaching: We learn best through teaching

A professional has landed a part-time job, teaching students how to determine whether emerging trends do, in fact, exist. As a part of the job, the professional has to show students how to graph a trend, and visualize and determine whether a trend exists. The students become confused. The professional then has to go deeper within himself to find another way to explain the concept. As he is doing this, he has an epiphany about a new trend that can impact the corporation he works for.

Study new trends

Great ways for employees to possibly spot new trends is by examining trade magazines in their field and subscribing to them. They need to look for what is new and what could be adding up to something big in the field. They can also study new books that are currently being published and look over websites that showcase new material and new ideas.

Work on building a network

Becoming involved in discussion forums that concern topics in the relevant field and meeting other like-minded people in the profession can add to the strengthening of one's career by attracting attention to one's self. These employees can also become active in their field by attending conferences.

Employees research what conferences are being held. At these conferences, employees will meet new people who share the same interests. Some of these acquaintances can blossom into personal, long-term relationships, especially when these friends spend more together.

Professionals can follow the leaders in their field through,,

Stay abreast of new technology

Technology is the most important element in any business or corporation. All members of a business or corporation must learn and understand any new programs that are being installed. Employers who especially know how to install, work with and fix any problems that may occur are the most valuable to the corporation.

Experience new technology

Some people are afraid of new things. With technology, this should never be the case.

Employees who take their career seriously should look for Trade Shows that are being held in the area. If the technology is critical to the company, many employees, especially those who are trying to advance their career or stay ahead of the competition, will travel to these Trade Shows wherever they are being held.

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