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By Vermel Thomas

Build Your Own Website Today

Whether you are an individual or a business, website building software is easy for you to own with a simple download. You no longer need to contract with a friend or a professional website builder. Simply sign-up online and start creating your own website.

There are varying services that can give you blog features, photo galleries, social media sharing buttons, media players, and more. Let’s look at a few software option brands that will allow you to optimize your own look, in minimally priced packages and a few free web design packages.1

Minimally priced web design packages


Squarespace design templates give your site a professional look. Squarespace includes lots of integrations, support for Apple Pay and free SSL for all its sites. It offers 65 unique design options. Their web design package gives you many category choices depending upon your web site goals, including blogging, selling and making announcements. Squarespace offers many new elements for images, galleries, text, buttons, charts, forms, spacers, and links.

Price: $12 per month for up to 20 pages. For businesses, accounts can run up to $40 per month for more bandwidth and real-time shopping integration.


Wix features over 500 template designs with a range of industry designs for small and large businesses. There are professional features that include video backgrounds, online storage for growth, animations, and mobile apps. Wix provides 15 main categories with many subcategories, hundreds of template options that include the standard options for media, social media widgets, text, buttons, shapes and more.

Price: $5 per month for a “Connect Domain Account.” $25 per month for VIP package with a domain name, increased bandwidth, 24-hour support and much more.

Go Daddy

GoDaddy is a popular website design product. It introduced a new website design product called “GoCentral.” GoCentral features a start-up wizard that asks you to name your site and the type of site you wish to create. The wizard picks template options based on your answer to its questions. You can easily change your design template form with a “Theme” selector. GoDaddy continues to provide a gallery of web design options and services with interface features that are attractive and simple to use. When you are ready to publish your site, you get a choice of URL and domain name.

Price: The first month is free. $5.99 per month for the “Personal” level and up to $29.99 per month for the Online Store level.


Weebly lets users browse through their design libraries to choose their favorite. Weebly gives users the ability to simply drag things around to create their website. Their templates are professional in appearance. For your site, you may choose a sub-domain of Weebly for free, a custom domain, or one that you already own. You can add all the standard elements like text boxes, images, maps, spacers, media, as well as audio and video with HD quality. In the Weebly apps section you can add elements for polls, RSVP forms, forums, feeds, and surveys.

Price: Starter account: $8 per month. Pro account: $12 a month. High Performance account: $49 per month.

Free web design packages


Wix features its online Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). The Wix Editor guides you through many stylish templates. Wix ADI is a cloud-based website builder.


Users can upload WordPress to their own web space and install it with the program’s online installation software. You can then customize templates and use add-ons. You can create blogs, photo sites, or online stores with lots of templates to choose from. The WordPress online editor software is easy to use and gives you a professionally styled website.


Joomla is both a free online and offline website builder. gives users the ability to build a site using its web app and to have it hosted on the company’s servers, or you may download the software from and host it yourself. Joomla offers many menu options that are easy for beginners use, along with a large collection of themes and extensions that can be customized.

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