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By Thea Theresa English

Bridal registry must-haves

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now you need to prepare for the marriage itself and a great way to do this is to create a bridal registry. When creating your bridal registry, think about what your lifestyle will be like after you get married. If you are going to cook a lot, then register for plenty of kitchen supplies. You should also consider the amount of space in your new home. Finally, register at no more than two or three stores because it makes things easier for those buying gifts.

Dining supplies

You might be entertaining guests often so it is a good idea to include dinnerware in the registry. You can ask that people purchase serving platters of various sizes, serving bowls, serving spoons, tongs, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, butter dish, cake stand with top, placemats, tablecloths and other dining supplies. Also include dinner plates and silverware along with cups for everyday meals.


This is another important part of the registry. Examples of cookware include knives, wooden and metal spoons for stirring, whisk, blender, food processor, chopping board, indoor grill pan, colander, coffee maker, metal sheet trays, rolling pin and a spatula. The places to buy these items do not have to be upscale. Discount chain stores often have great cookware at decent prices.

Bedding and bath items

On the bridal registry you need to include bedding and bath items. If you are going with a certain color scheme for the bathroom and bedroom, mention that the items should reflect those colors. Some of these items will include bath towels, toilet holder, shower curtain and liner, at least five to six packs of fitted and flat sheets, pillows, pillowcases, comforters, bath area rug and lamps.

Techie gifts

If you or your future spouse works from home, you should register some tech items for loved ones to buy. Some good tech gifts are a laptop, gift card to a local electronics store, surge protector, portable radio/CD player, printer, fax machine and some USB drives.

Subscription to gourmet food company

Those who have upscale tastes will appreciate specialty foods and if this describes you, you can register a subscription to your favorite gourmet food company. This is especially a great idea if the company does not have stores in your town.

Scrapbooks and digital camera

Throughout your marriage you will want to preserve the memories so you should include a scrapbook and digital camera on the registry. A scrapbook can be passed down through the generations and it can be helpful when your adult children or future grandchildren decide to research their family history.

Travel supplies

Your honeymoon is not the only place you will visit in coming years. If you have children, you will probably go on family vacations and visit other relatives. Put travel items on the registry such as luggage, briefcases and an iPod for music.

These registry items make for a good start to your married life. You will have what you need and since others will buy most of the items, you save money in the beginning of the marriage.

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