Boxed wine grows up


Boxed wine is experiencing a well-deserved resurgence. What was once considered the laughing-stock of wine choices, with flavors reminiscent of jet fuel and nail polish remover, boxed wine is quickly becoming a favorite for many wine drinkers. And for good reason. Boxed wine is economical, long-lasting, eco-friendly and tastes great. What’s not to love?

Increased quality

Understandably, boxed wine has been an underdog for a long time, usually thought of as the drink of choice for cheap college students and anyone more interested in saving a buck or two than in quality. Fortunately, the quality of boxed wine has increased dramatically in recent years. Wine consumers no longer need to choose between value and quality; instead, wine creators are traveling the world, aiming to bring the best possible products to their customers. More and more, winemakers understand that consumers have discerning tastes, and they’re working to create products that are enjoyable for those with even the most refined palates.

Advancements in technology

Technology continues to evolve in every facet of our day-to-day lives. The technology used in the creation of boxed wines is no exception. From state-of-the-art dispensing systems to keep-fresh packaging, wine-in-a-box creators take advantage of advanced materials and methods. The plastic used in boxed wines is tasteless, leaving no hint of flavor behind. The drinker experiences only the genuine flavors and aromas of the wine itself. The packaging is carefully crafted to ensure the wine is not exposed to air.

Easy on the wallet

Although boxed wine is available in a wide array of flavors and price points, by far the most popular is the $20-to-$25-a-box segment. The average box of wine is usually sold in either three- or five-liter boxes, holding the equivalent of four to six bottles of wine. That means, if you do the arithmetic, the consumer is paying between $3 and $7 dollars per bottle in a box of wine, compared to the most popular $10-to-$20 stand-alone bottles–a great bargain.

Stays fresh longer

Another benefit of boxed wine is that it lasts far longer than a opened bottle of wine. With a traditional bottle, the quality of the wine starts to deteriorate by the third day of its being open, due to the oxidation process. Boxed wine, opened, can last up to six weeks if stored properly. This gives the consumer plenty of time to enjoy it without worrying about spoilage, and pouring money, literally, down the drain.


Wine producers have made a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. It is estimated that the packaging used in a box of wine is approximately 60 percent less than that of a traditional bottle of wine. What’s not to love about that?

Boxed wine has come a long way in recent years. With so many options available, you’re bound to find one that pleases your palate. It is available everywhere from your corner liquor store to your local big-box retailer. Host a wine party, and invite your friends over to taste test a few boxes to find your favorite variety. And as always, enjoy responsibly.


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