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By Erika Cox

Beware of hidden workplace susceptible injuries

Unfortunately, there are several different types of injuries that occur at the workplace all over Australia. Injuries do not just occur in hazardous or factory environments – they can occur in corporate settings. Australian workers are faced with injuries everyday just like workers all over the world. Some of the most popular types of injuries at the workplace are muscle strains. A muscle strain, also known as a muscle pull, happens when the muscle is overly exerted. The muscle ligament or fiber tears or is pulled due to repetitive movement or severe pressure.

Strains and sprains

Muscle strain results in soreness, swelling, aches, weakness and pain to a certain part of the body. Muscle strains common to the workplace include back strain, wrist strain, knee strain and shoulder strain. All of these types of injuries are the result of constant pulling, pushing, bending or lifting by the employee. Wrist sprain is the result of a constant movement of the hands, fingers and wrist. Most of the time, a wrist sprain happens with workers who use their hands quite a bit. Back, neck and shoulder strain can also happen if the person is not sitting properly while sitting long periods of time. Proper seating instructions can be taught. Ergonomic items are popular workwear to prevent strains.

Injuries from being hit

The next type of injury that happens in the Australian workplace happens when a worker is hit. Many people work in factories or places that involve the use of machinery that is operated by a driver, such as a forklift. If either worker is not paying attention, an accident can occur, resulting in a worker being hit or run over by the forklift.

Another way a worker can be injured is by something falling. The types of injuries a worker can get from being hit include: head injury, back injury, lacerations and fractures.

Slips and falls

Slips, trips and falls happen frequently at workplace. Cluttered and unclean areas are a hazardous in the workplace. Fluids and liquids spilled on the floor happen almost everyday in workplaces. Debris, trash, pens and other workplace items left on the floor are often overlooked by people. The workplace should be free of clutter to avoid slips and falls. Injuries from falls and slips can be serious. Workers can fracture bones, strain muscles, tear ligaments, bruise body parts and even sustain concussions and blood clots from falls.


Deafness is an injury that can occur in workplace environments where loud noises are frequent. If an employee does not wear the appropriate equipment, deafness can set in over a period of time.

Industrial-related illnesses

Another popular type of injury to Australian workers is industrial related diseases – diseases that come from inhaling chemicals within the workplace over a period of time. Types of diseases incurred are cancer, respiratory problems, asthma, and bronchitis.


The last type of injury at the workplace is stress. Stress occurs in most people at some point in their lives. For some people, the fact that they are not happy with their work or job brings about stress. For others, the demands and pressures associated with their work brings about stress. Stress is not an injury but it opens the door to a host of injuries,

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