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By M. Anwar Hossain

Best Perks for Employee Motivation

It is important for companies to consider which perks are most likely to induce employee motivation and ensure workforce satisfaction. Many companies normally offer attractive cash or non-cash benefits to their talented employees. But do you know the reason for that? It’s for employees’ satisfaction and motivation! The company gives traditional benefits like a company car and good insurance with the goal of helping employees be more innovative – and importantly, to help them love their job.

Game Rooms

Some employers offer recreational and entertainment programs to their employees, such as arcade games, a movie theater, or an outdoor park. The intention is to help their staff stay engaged and active throughout long hours on the job. In addition, these types of activities help people from across the workforce mingle who would otherwise never talk to each other. Spending time together – both at work and outside of work – is key for an organization’s culture, especially if it depends on collaboration.

Profit Sharing

Another lucrative offer for employee motivation perks is profit sharing, which is when each employee gets a portion of the company’s profit at the end of the year. The employees feel like owners for getting direct business profit, and thus they work as hard as possible to ensure a sizable bonus at the end of the year.


First-rate business companies offer generous vacation packages to their employees as an additional incentive to take the days entitled to them. An increasing number of organizations are experimenting with the concept of unlimited vacation; as long as an employee is pulling their weight, they are free to take as much vacation as they need. This strongly benefits the company, as it reduces the stress on its employees and allows them to get the physical and mental rest they need.

Mental Health

Some health perks fall not under the “physical” category, but under the “mental” category. Many businesses provide mental health perks for employee motivation. Examples include boxing courses, singing and dancing courses and even fun comedy lessons. These benefits are often available not only directly to employees, but also to their immediate family members.

Free Food

One of the most popular employee perks at tech companies today is free food, which can range from a weekend pizza party to a full-time, on-site chef. Though it may seem insignificant, providing free food can have outsized effects on a company. It provides a good opportunity for departments to mingle and to celebrate via social activities throughout the week. In addition, it helps ensure that employees have access to healthy food that will keep them from becoming ill and ensure peak performance while on the job. Finally, it removes the mental and time load associated with purchasing and preparing food, allowing employees to spend more time working and with their families.


Many reputable companies offer club facilities to both their management and employees. They focus the clubs’ activities on things like boating, hiking, games, photography, events and special occasions. It gives your employees the chance to invest in their hobbies and creative interests. If you provide these motivational perks to them, they are more likely to remain motivated, productive and happy.

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