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By ReebokPrince

Best natural ways to exercise that is fun

Losing weight cannot be done in a short time unless it is in an unhealthy way. There are a few ways that weight loss can be accomplished in the healthiest of ways.

Bike riding

One of the ways is riding a bike. Set goals for how far you would like to ride. Start out going two miles out and back.

You will be riding a total of four miles. Do this everyday for a month before increasing to four miles out and back. The total should be around ten miles a day for a week. This will help burn calories and help you with cardiovascular exercise.

There are several bike paths around in different places. If you do not want to ride a two-wheel bike, they have three-wheel bikes for adults. Get into a bike riding club. Sometimes, riding alone may not give you the energy to ride far.

A riding group can help encourage you to keep going and not give up if you get discouraged. When gas prices were at an all-time high, a lot of people started riding their bikes to work. They started seeing their weight drop. They felt energized and healthy.


Another way to lose weight is walking. Walk a few miles a day. Set the same mile goals as riding the bike. You can due fast paced walk or slow paced. Another walking exercise is pushing a lawn mower.

Walking with a mower

Mowing a large lawn with a push mower is a great way to lose weight. Put that riding mower away. Use a mower that is not self-propelled. The world has become lazy when it comes to mowing with a rider.

Start a mowing service where you can use just push mowers. Five good-sized yards would be ideal. Sweating will not hurt a bit. You can sweat out those toxins in the body. Drink only water when mowing.

Working on a farm will help you lose weight. Doing those farm chores from dawn to dusk can be good exercise. If the farm has a horse walking track, walk with the horses or walk with others who want to participate.


Golfing can help with weight loss. Playing golf can be relaxing and peaceful. Ditch the golf cart and caddy. You have a large golf course to walk on. When you are constantly moving, you are burning calories.


Create your own dancing groups. Use the template of "Dancing with the Stars." Get a group of friends together that want to lose weight. See if you have friends who have dancing experience.

Those exercise videos do work if we do them. There are a lot of videos that use dance to lose weight. You are working muscles that have not been used in a long time because of dancing.

Eat right

The number one thing in all of this is eating the right foods. Foods used to be very natural and healthy decades ago. The chemicals in food like pesticides and growth hormones put in the animals food gets passed on to us. We take in all that poison.

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