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Benefits of management information systems for business development

Based on the information provided on this article, it is evident that management information systems mainly deal with the use of information and data in order to promote efficiency and other decision making operations in an organization (MIS 1).

Some of the major concepts of management information defined by the article include the decision support systems, executive management information system as well as other forms of information technology and e-commerce.

Why companies use management information systems

The author of the article also argues that management information systems are part of procedures and policies that a majority of current global business firms use in order to keep and maintain their employees reports as well as to keep the records of revenues and other important improvement procedures (MIS 3). Thus, it can be argued that management information systems are part of policies that can be adopted in the process of identifying the general picture of an organization in terms of profitability and management culture.

It is also evident from the article that management information practices is part of communication procedures that top firm managers should employ to plan and improve the achievement of the firm goals and objectives (MIS 4). This is because management information activities are used in evaluating the customer's needs, as well as in determining the needs and interest of various stakeholders in the firm. In performing marketing and promotional systems in the firm, the management should also consider and cover the management information systems in order to promote the competitive advantage of the firm (MIS 5).

With the current improvement in technology and online business practices, it is evident that the flow of information is very imperative for the promotion of the firm business success (MIS 7). Through the application and use of management information systems, global firms are able to evaluate the needs of their customers, improve customer services and satisfaction, and thus promote quality of services in the firm in general.

Management practices include planning, coordination, budgeting as well as staffing and hiring of new employees. However, through the use of management information systems, managers are able to analyze the success of the firm as well based on the income and expenses reports. Furthermore, from the arguments provided in the article, one can conclude that the main aim of the author is to highlight some of the major benefits of management information systems (MIS 8).

While the application of management information systems is important in promoting existing firm market, it is worth considering that effective information systems can be used in analysis of the management and business operations.

Moreover, it is true from the article findings that management information systems is mostly based on electronic data storage and for the success of the management information practices, the firm should adopt modern technology and other online tools. Effective information systems can provide accurate, reliable and up to date information towards various operations of the firm. In addition, since management information systems provide reliable and accurate data, managers should use such systems in order to support their decision making systems. It is also evident that the application of management information systems can reduce various operations costs especially towards human resource systems. However, there is also the argument that the use of management information systems is expensive since it involves high maintenance costs.

Recording the firm financial transactions and other accounting procedures can also be performed through the use of management information systems. Finally, it is worth noting from the article that the major benefits of management information systems include the promotion of customer's satisfaction, provision of up to date information as well as the generation and creation of the firm reports (MIS 9).

The application of management information systems also helps in promoting management functions such as proper supervision, quality planning and other communication systems in the firm. Therefore, in order to promote efficiency and flexibility of business operations, global firms should adopt management information systems according to the findings of the article. Thus, this is an informative and research-based article towards the topic of management information systems (MIS 10).

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