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By Thea Theresa English

Beginner bakers, here are some helpful tips for you

I can prepare a lot of savory meals, but when it comes to baking desserts from scratch, I do not do the best job. I would consider myself a beginner baker, and recently I started researching ways that I can improve my baking skills. I am getting tired of using store bought cake mixes, and now that I am a mother, I would like to be more creative and fun with my baking. Here are some neat baking tips that we beginner bakers can use.

Start with a set of good baking supplies

You should gather your baking supplies when learning to bake for the first time. These supplies include a spatula, wooden spoons, hand mixer, mixing bowls, bundt cake pan, square cake pan, whisk, measuring spoons and cups, timer, rolling pin, parchment paper and pastry brushes. A good comprehensive baking cookbook is also helpful.

Preheat your oven before baking

This is important, because when you put the cookies or cake in the oven without preheating the oven, your recipe will come out wrong. I made this mistake a few times, and I ended up with a half-baked cake that tasted bad.

Measure accurately, and use right measuring tools

You may have heard that when baking, it is important to measure your ingredients accurately and use the right measuring tools. This is true, because inaccurate measuring could cause problems with the recipe. If the cake recipe calls for two cups of flour, but you decide to add three cups, the cake might come out too dense. Or, if you are supposed to add one cup of dark brown sugar but you use too much, the flavor will be affected.

Always grease your pans before baking

You will need to grease your pans before baking, because it ensures that your cake or pie crust will not stick to the pan once it finishes baking. When I attempted to make a bundt cake, I did not grease the pan adequately and, as a result, the cake was crumbly when I took it out the pan.

Solutions to common baking issues

If your cake is too dry, then this means that it was baked too long. You want to pay close attention to the time of baking specified in the recipe. If your cake does not rise, it means that you opened the oven too much during the baking process. For the cakes that cracked at the top, your oven was not heated at the right temperature.

Get help from an experienced baker

My great-grandmother was the main baker in the family, but after she passed, I started getting assistance from my grandmother. She taught me about sifting my flour before mixing it with the wet ingredients. She also taught me about right measurements and being bold in using a variety of spices in dessert recipes.

Baking is hard work, so do not give up when learning to bake for the first time. When you have done it successfully a few times, you will become more confident in your skills.

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