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By Sara J. Elliott

Becoming uniquely healthy in today's world

In a society that teaches us that how we look matters more than how we feel, getting "healthy" can be confusing. There are literally thousands of people across the globe and across social media who claim to be "experts" in fitness, wellness and healthy living. I am going to venture a guess that a lot of them have the qualifications to back up these claims. Others, unfortunately, do not, which is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to decipher the facts from the fiction.

Getting healthy (yes, that can include weight loss) is not about doing what everyone else is doing. It is not about the latest celebrity endorsement. It is not about pyramid scheme promises. It is about finding what works best for you and your body.

The dictionary definition of unique is: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

You are the only one of you. You are wonderfully unlike anyone else in your personality, your thoughts and emotions and how you interact in the world. So, why should you approach your health and wellness in a cookie-cutter way when that does not work for any other aspect of who you are? The answer is simple – you should not.

Here are a few tips for starting down the path to becoming uniquely healthy:

1. Do your research

There are about a gazillion trillion articles, videos, blog posts, online groups and websites out there that have tons of information about health and wellness. A lot of us tend to get our information these days from friends or Facebook posts, and I encourage you to really do some reading and researching if something sounds interesting and you want to give it a try. Ask around, find reviews, contact the author/YouTuber/company. Dig out the facts for yourself and do not rely on what your friend's-brother's-trainer's-cousin has to say.

2. Hire a professional

I know, I know. You do not think you need one. But, if this was so easy on your own, would you not have reached your goals by now? If you are seriously struggling with reaching your ideal weight or health goals, you absolutely need someone who can give you the guidance and support that will propel you forward. Again, you have to do some research. Just like the plethora of information out there, there are just as many different kinds of health and wellness coaches, personal trainers, therapists, nutritionist, etc.

Many of these professionals are in this kind of business to help others and are willing to answer any questions you have and provide honest, accurate information. You will find that not all health professionals are created equal and you may not mesh well with them or you may not agree with what they have to say. Keep looking! Find someone that is interested in investing in YOU. Find someone who is willing to customize and tweak and create a plan that puts your goals first. Find someone who will foster the idea of unique health and is not interested in the one-size-fits-all business model. I promise you, it will be worth it.

3. Make a commitment

Do you know that the most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself? It is true. After all the other kinds of relationships in your life have shifted and changed or, even faded away, you are still there. You are the one you can count on. You are the one who is responsible for your actions. You are the driving force behind your daily decisions. You are a big deal.

Recognizing how important you are can be challenging but, it is so very important. You have to make a commitment to yourself; Investing in your self, your health and your future is the best way to create a life you are excited about living.

The things we all desire – health and happiness – are not pipe dreams, people! They are actual, achievable goals. Being healthy in a totally unique way to you is going to change your life. I have done it and I know you can do it, too!

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