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By Ambrianna Freeze

Becoming a DJ in the fast-paced music industry

For those interested in music but not particularly gifted in singing or instruments, becoming a disk jockey, or DJ, is a great way to become involved in the music business. There are several kinds of DJs, from those who work in night clubs to those who design the music sequences for radio stations. DJs perform everywhere and are sought after for many events, including weddings.

Parts of a disc jockey’s job

DJs are in charge of several parts of the entertainment process. A DJ will target a specific audience, analyze lists of pre-approved songs, and then mix the songs in an order that will be most pleasing to the audience. Radio disc jockeys are also responsible for interviewing musicians and announcing commercials. Working as a DJ is exciting and fast-paced, but it can be difficult to find a way into the workforce.

Steps to becoming a DJ

DJs do not become sensations overnight. They have to study – sometimes professionally – the science of mixing together songs in a way that produces fun and effortless transitions for the audience. Many DJs start their education through websites like, which offer online classes and training in the art of disc jockeying. Having a thorough knowledge of tricks and techniques will add to the DJ’s qualifications.

As previously mentioned, there are many types of DJs. Trying to become a master of all trades will only lead to time wasted. In an article on becoming a DJ, a writer from lists the many types of disc jockeys including, but not limited to, a resident club DJ, a guest DJ, a wedding DJ and a radio DJ. Each specialty requires different training and marketing techniques so choosing a path early on will help any aspiring disc jockey’s career to move faster.

The most important part of a DJ’s career is the growth of their personal brand. A successful DJ will develop a strong online presence with examples of their work, events where they will be working and ways to get in touch with the DJ. The DJ needs to be valuable to his marketplace; when someone needs a DJ, the DJ’s brand name needs to come to mind first. This is a difficult feat to accomplish, but it is not impossible. It requires hustling to get gigs, creating and maintaining an online presence and collecting references and reviews along the way. Playing in front of real, live people is the most valuable aspect of a DJ’s career, and personal branding provides the edge an aspiring DJ needs to get ahead in the entertainment world.

If mixing music is a true passion, becoming a DJ will be a rewarding career choice. A disk jockey should be ready for a fast paced whirlwind of practicing, performing and making connections in the music industry. Through a thorough education and strong personal branding, an aspiring DJ will break through traditional conventions and jam their way into making – and mixing – music.

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How To Become A DJ: A Beginner’s Guide

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