Avoid joint and muscle pain with physical activity


Today, we keep seeing more and more people who are suffering from numerous health problems – children, teens, adults and seniors. Some of the most common health problems are: obesity, diabetes, cancer, and deterioration of joints. The bright side of all of this is that it can be fixed, and these complications can be slowed down by exercising. Some of us do not enjoy hearing that, but it has been researched and proven that physical activity does miracles to your body and health. Make some time in the day to take a walk, ride a bike, jog, or go to the gym, anything. It has also been proven to make you feel good, and who does not want to feel good, look good, and have energy to do things?

As individuals get older, the body starts slowing down little by little, and so the joint, muscle, and tendon mobility deteriorates. One of the most noticeable points of deterioration are the joints (Osteoarthritis) in the body. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage and tissue surrounding the bones are gone, causing the bones to rub against each other, which causes joint pain. Muscles start aching, and we can’t seem to walk or stand for long periods of time. The magic key to ease all this pain is exercise. That’s right. How does exercise help? When a person exercises, the muscles become stronger and the joints have more cushion around them to keep them from rubbing against each other.

Research has shown that by exercising, whether it’s done in high or low intensity, helps with stiffness and minimizes pain in the joints and muscles. As a person gets older, all systems in the body slow down, but if they are physically active, the individual is less likely to have joint and muscle pain and injuries.

Obesity is also one of the most common problems if there is difficulty and pain when walking, standing, sitting, etc. Why? If the individual is overweight, the muscles and joints strain to carry a person’s weight. It wears a person down, makes them more tired, and gives them a harder time when trying to do any kind of physical activity.

Muscles and joints could also be affected by the shortness of blood supply, brought on by constriction from inflammation. The blood supply flows through the muscles to help with the mobility of the joints.

Taking action and making time to incorporate physical activity on a daily basis will help the joints from degenerating as quickly. Some of the exercises that are recommended are as follows:

  • Aerobic exercises that help with a person’s cardiovascular health
  • Weight training, which helps strengthen the muscles, is advised at least 3 times a week
  • Motion exercises will help with the stiffness in the joints and mobility. The exercise involves raising your arms over your head and rolling your shoulders back and forth.

Any form or type of activity helps. Any physical activity, such as mowing the lawn, walking the dog, or doing some yoga helps.

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