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By Pamela Cooke

Attractive types of travel insurance

The key to financial peace of mind, safe and healthy travel is to find the right travel insurance that fully cover one's travel needs. Largely, people associate travel insurance with medical coverage only. Although this is the most popular type of travel insurance, other types of travel insurance exist that are equally important.

Travel insurance are put in place to cover individuals from all the unexpected costs that are associated with travelling. The major travel insurance types all travelers should consider are; travel health insurance, travel cancellation and travel interruption, medical evacuation insurance and travel life insurance.

Travel health insurance

When traveling out of the country, it is important to seek medical cover before traveling, especially if one has a pre-existing medical condition. This is because, in case of a medical emergency in a foreign country, one will be forced to pay for the medical service out of their pockets and this can be quite expensive.

Travel health insurance exists to ensure that an individual gets the same type of medical care abroad that they would have received in their own country in case of illness or accident. Considering illnesses and accidents may occur at any given time there is no trip too short to consider this type of travel insurance.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption

Traveling tickets and booking of hotels are some components of a trip that are paid for in advance with non-refundable remittances. Hence, in case of an emergency that forces one to cancel a trip even before it begins, it would mean financial loss. Other times, a trip may cut short due to circumstances that require one to travel back home before the end of their trip; this too frustrates an individual.

However, this type of travel insurance covers one on financial investments made on a trip. Therefore, in case a trip is canceled or cut short, one is refunded the full amount.

Medical evacuation insurance

When traveling to remote areas or sometimes due to the nature of a trip, for instance a skiing trip, one may find themselves in an environment where the medical facilities are not up to their preferred standard or there are no medical facilities altogether. Medical evacuation insurance ensures that transportation to medical facilities is guaranteed.

Travel life insurance

In extreme cases where death may occur in the course of travel, travel life insurance can protect the financial well being of one's family. This type of insurance ensures that one's remains are brought back to their home country with all expenses paid and to the family member, beneficiary or estate as a lump sum. Although travel life insurance is only enforced during the course of one's travel, it is an important cover as it protects the family from financial strain in case of death.

Planning for and enjoying a trip should not be a hassle anymore, but an experience to look forward to. With such types of travel insurance in place, one can rest easy knowing that they are fully covered for their financial investment, because a travel experience is indeed a financial investment.

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