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By Kevin Macconkey-Writer @ TheDailyKickstand

Are you or are you not bound for glory?

There will always be obstacles to conquer in pursuit of our dreams. The good news is that if we have faith in what we are doing and we are steadfast in our pursuit of those dreams, there is nothing that cannot be overcome. As long as we work tirelessly to become the best version of ourselves, then there is no failure.

No matter how bleak the circumstance, you are not destined to fail. Failure is reserved only for those who give up. If every day we strive toward excellence, then no matter the odds we are bound for glory. One step each day in the direction of our chosen path will get us to our destination. But, a few every day will get us there faster.

Wise men believe that there is no mountain too high, nor water to wide to cross. The old cliche of there being a way if there is a will is absolutely true. Only our resolve and determination may prevent us from attaining that in which we seek. So, the key to success is to simply try each day to make one momentous step toward our dreams. If you can do this, then you surely will find success in whatever venture you partake.

In this life, there are players and spectators. Only fools sit on the sideline and wish to score the winning goal. In order to win, you have to play. This is an absolute and essential truth. However, just like in any match, there has to be a game plan. The winning team simply worked harder and had a better plan. It is not you against the world, it is you against yourself! Believe it or not – even the universe is on your side. So, which will you be – the champ or the chump?

Plan For Success

Start visualizing your goal
Understand the risks
Come up with your plan of action
Calculate your resources
Enable your effort
Stay the course
Step forward each day toward your dreams

Anything in this life is attainable if your intent is pure. If you can dream it, you can do it. Sounds cheesy, right? Well, I’ve got news for you: It’s 100 percent true. The only limitations in this life are your own mediocre beliefs in your abilities.

You can do anything in this life if you try. Too many people sit in their bubble well inside their comfort zone, and guess what? Nothing spectacular ever happens for them. To afford a life of magnificent reward, you have got to get out on that high wire without a safety net and leap off the platform toward the trapeze of life.

You can do this. There is a fire of greatness within you if only you would believe in yourself. Reach for your dreams and I can personally guarantee you that whether you reach those goals or not you will be better for it. You can become the best version of yourself with faith and effort. The only real question is: How bad do you want it?

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