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By sublimaze69

Are we really still this far behind as humans?

What's it gonna take for us to get past our petty differences and grow up as human beings? I'm serious when I say that I personally am embarrassed and literally disgusted at the fact that we cannot seem to evolve past race and color-of-skin issues in our society today. Yeah, I know, this can be a very touchy subject, but I really don't care, we're going there! Are you kidding me? Its 2016 and we still haven't gotten past simple and immature problems in society like race and color of skin and hate! Really? Can we be any more immature and petty? I suppose most of you would like to boast at what intelligent human beings you are. Right! Then why is this still even something that we can barely talk about without getting into a heated argument or even resorting to violence? Hey, don't point your fingers at me! I can not only calmly discuss the subject, but I will take it even one step further and go so far as to say, I don't really even need to think about the subject, because I've moved on to bigger and better things that are far more important and worth the energy! The whole race/color of skin/discrimination thing shouldn't even be an issue in our everyday lives anymore! It shouldn't exist, period! It's old news! Get over yourselves, for crying out loud, you're no better or worse than the person standing next to you, like it or not! Grow up and put your adult pants on and move on with things that really matter, because if you still think the color of someone's skin makes a difference, then you don't matter!

We could be on the verge of discovering that we aren't alone in this vast universe and quite possibly have to cope with the fact that we aren't even the most intelligent beings either. I don't know about you, but I, for one, don't want to try to explain to myself and everyone else that we are still so underdeveloped as a race that we can't get past the very basics and are still hung up on stupid petty issues we should have been evolved past by now. We are a race of human beings, period!! After that, nothing else should matter! We should be interested in taking care of our human race, not bickering over what color human we are. It's getting to the point of total and utter embarrassment at this point and if another intelligent race of beings were to show up here, what kind of idiots do you think we might look like to them! Well, I am long past waiting around for all you Neanderthals to get with the program. Take a good look in the mirror and gaze deep into your own soul and wake yourself up! You're needed! Everybody is needed! Start acting accordingly and using your brains for more important things than hate and discrimination! You're late and behind!

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