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By Kim Anderberg

Amazing benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp

We can guess that you have already heard of these softly glowing beautiful orbs of salt, but if you haven’t then we are truly excited to be the ones to en”lighten” you. But did you know that they are so much more fascinating than just being a cool lamp? Beyond their super-pleasing aesthetic value, there are excellent health reasons for owning a Himalayan salt lamp.

5 important benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

The air that we breathe, indoors and outside, is filled with tiny particles of all kinds of things like dust, hair, skin, mold and so much more you’d rather not know about! These particles can cause ugly health symptoms including cough, allergies, asthma, restless sleep, lack of concentration and inflammation. The air also carries tiny water molecules which collect these aggravating particles.

1. Cleaner air through hygroscopy

Pink Salt works through hygroscopy, by attracting and absorbing water molecules from the air which carry tiny irritants. Himalayan salt attracts water molecules containing airborne particles and traps them inside the salt and then releases the water back into the environment through the heat of the bulb.

Through gentle hygroscopy, the air we breathe is naturally purified, creating positive health benefits.

2. Calms and relieves coughing, allergies and asthma

The salt lamps help to remove pet dander, dust, pollen, mildew and mold, which are ruthless triggers for those with respiratory ailments. Purified air can calm and relieve coughs, allergies and asthma. The main cause of asthma is impure air and weak lungs. With moist, clean air, our cilia, the tiny hairs inside our lungs, damaged through exposure to unclean air, can be restored and provide a better filter against the impurities that ail us. If our air is improved, our cilial activity is improved and we can all breathe better!

3. Improves mood and sleep through negative ion generation

What are ions and why do they matter? Basically, a positive ion is the by-product of electrical devices and other electrical energies. These positively charged ions can have a negative effect on our bodies including interrupted sleep, fluctuating concentration, headaches and more! Negative ions, which are naturally created by the sun and lightning, for example, actually destroy positive ions! The salt lamps naturally produce negative ions which have a positive effect on our bodies. More negative ions in the bedroom, for example, mean a better night’s sleep and a better mood! Try it, and you will see in just a few weeks how much your sleep and your mood have improved.

4. Boosts blood flow, increases energy levels

You know how people say that when we are irritated we need to stop and breathe deeply? This is due to the fact that we actually restrain our breathing when we become aggravated, which decreases the flow of oxygen to our brains and makes us more aggravated. The same works with the air we breathe. So if we have cleaner air, we have less aggravation. Cleaner air leads to increased oxygen levels. Increased oxygen levels benefit us by boosting our blood flow, which also increases our energy levels and leads to improved concentration. Such a positive benefit in so many ways.

5. Heightened mood through color therapy!

Color therapy is a proven treatment for depression and SAD, seasonal affective disorder. The soft orange glow of the Himalayan salt lamp is at the top of the list for good-feeling, mood-stimulating happy colors. And even though it has a solar quality and brings happiness, it also helps create a calm environment. One of the only colors known to provide both happier moods and calmness, the pink salt is a favorite. It can be used everywhere, in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and offices. It is an excellent alternative to any night light, and when you experience its warm glow in your home, you will find that once you turn it on, you won’t want to turn it off.

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