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By Lisa

Adobe leading creative software innovation

For those of you who have not heard about Adobe's software application and product uses. Adobe is considered to be the top presenter of creativity, multimedia and document management software. Here are just five of its software applications and their uses. There are around 32 different Adobe software applications provided for users. To get started or expand your knowledge base of Adobe and its products and services.

Adobe has a list of software applications that can be used for almost every area of life to business, educational uses and just for the innovative creative mind. It far surpasses Microsoft's standalone version software designed for personal use in creating documentation. Microsoft Office accesses every household and business computer. Adobe being its own outside source for designer software application, combined to work together with each other. Adobe offers compatible ease of use in conjunction with Microsoft Windows, and Vista's software.

1. Adobe Photoshop

This creative software application can be used for photo editing. Adobe Image editing and design software allows the user to show an advanced level of creativity to photographs and office presentation designs. One can take a picture scanned or downloaded to a computer with its application and manipulate the picture anyway the creator wants. Used with Microsoft's PowerPoint, presentations of inserted video or e-learning, can be viewed for a more dynamic presentation.

2. Adobe InDesign

This business software can be used for creating brochures, layouts for magazines, and even creating children's books. Its functionality and creative layouts for design gives the user a detailed view of how the finished product will look once completed. One would have to be trained to use this software application correctly, though.

3. Adobe Acrobat

This professional software is used by every person with access to a computer. It has document management and the ability to store information and transfer multiple documents. Its more advance digital imaging and presentational value allows it to compete with Microsoft Word software document management. Designed functionality for business and educational uses only – e.g. Microsoft Word's documentation can be saved to a personal computer then dispense through email or from a flash drive. Adobe PDF creator stores documentation for more businesses and educational institutions for digital signatures and viewing published information.

4. Adobe Dreamweaver

This business or personal software can be used by anyone who has coding experience to design creative web pages. Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop can be integrated together with Dreamweaver to create videos and stunning images within Dreamweaver web pages. Programmers can also use this application to create their own software programs.

5. Adobe Captivate

This instructional software can be use to create e-learning material and training videos. It is easy to use and the instructional tutorials are created for anyone wanting to know how to use this application. It is an excellent tool for the inexperienced learner of how to create video tutorials. Also the operations needed to be performed by the end-user of the created e-learning material. Great for anyone who wants to create a how-to video.

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