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By Alison Owen

9 best apps for elementary and middle school homeschool students

More families are choosing to homeschool now than ever before. Technology is helping parents to educate their children in nontraditional ways, yet still have them keep pace with their peers. One of the many technological tools at parents’ current disposal is apps. Most families own a smartphone or tablet and therefore have the power to take education with them on-the-go. Here are some of the best educational apps currently available:

Endless Reader

Created for ages five and under, this app uses cute monsters to introduce sight words to children. Sight words can’t be sounded out and must be memorized for reading fluency. Endless Reader uses puzzles and animation to make learning these words fun for young students. Download a free trial app here.

Kids Academy

This app is aimed at kids ages two to ten. It was designed by early childhood education experts and serves as a complete educational course with over five thousand activities. Children progress at their own pace through a series of games and activities. Kids Academy is free to download here, but some content is only available via subscription.

How it works?

Best for six- to eight-year-olds, this app helps children to understand how the world around them works. Videos, games and experiments facilitate students’ exploration of planet Earth. This is an excellent app for budding scientists, and perfect as a supplement to beginner science lessons. The app is $2.99, and can be downloaded here.


This free app offers math games for grades one through eight. With over nine hundred skills available, Prodigy is a great tool for helping students to master important mathematic topics. The app automatically increases the difficulty of problems students are given, while reviewing previously learned skills. Download here.

Wizard School

Developed by educators, this app is best for kids ages six and up. Children can explore more than three thousand videos and curated content including everything from language to geography. One of the unique features of this app is the creation element, which challenges children to design various projects. This app is free, and can be downloaded here.

Swift Playgrounds

Simplifying coding and making it fun, this app is perfect for middle schoolers. Ideal for beginners, no previous knowledge is required to get started. Lessons, games and challenges guide students in learning Swift, Apple’s programming language. Students begin with templates and graduate to creating their own programs. This app is only available for Apple products with iOS 10 or later, and can be downloaded here.

iTooch middle school

A comprehensive app covering math and language skills for middle schoolers, iTooch offers more than ten thousand exercises for students to utilize. This app aligns with National Common Core standards and is an excellent supplement to schoolwork. Mini-games, rewards and encouragement all make learning new concepts fun and exciting. Download for free here.

NOVA elements

Young chemists learn all about the periodic table and elements while using this app. Ideal for middle schoolers, students can watch video clips, build atoms and molecules, and interact with each element to learn more details about it. Download for free here.

As homeschooling increases in popularity, parents will continue to look for new and innovative ways to supplement their children’s educations. Many need look no further than the app store for the perfect additions to their young scholars’ curriculums.

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