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By Amy Gilmore

6 Ways Cloud-Based Applications are Changing the Business World

Cloud-based applications are changing the business world. Many businesses are taking their business needs to the cloud. The use of these highly customizable business applications is allowing businesses all over the world offer their products online, and they even give business owner and employees the ability to work anywhere. Below are some of the ways that cloud-based applications are changing the business world and allowing more people to do what they love on the go.

1. Allowing Employees and Owners to Work Anywhere

Through the use of cloud based applications, businesses are able to share information with each other from virtually anywhere. This gives small businesses the ability to be more flexible with their hiring. The ability of owners and employees to connect anywhere has created new opportunities for many people to pursue their passion.

2. The Paperless Business

In the past, businesses had to keep paper copies of important documents, bills, client files, and more to comply with local and federal governments. Now, through the use of cloud-based applications, businesses can store client, vendor, marketing, sales, accounting, employee, and scheduling information in a central location where it can be accessed remotely by anyone with login credentials.

3. Better Customer Service

Businesses are able to provide better customer service through the use of cloud-based applications. These applications can easily be developed to handle customer service requests. These applications give employees the ability to receive service requests and track them remotely.

4. Increasing Online Presence

These amazing applications are giving businesses the ability to stay in touch with customers and to continually push out information that clients will find interesting. When businesses share information that customers enjoy reading ,they are more likely to share that content. Through the use of cloud-based applications businesses are able to share content through the application, or they can schedule the content to be published at a certain time. Having an online presence is extremely important now, as many people go to the internet to search for reviews and information on a business before making a purchase.

5. Tools for Clients and Employees

Companies are able to offer clients and employees tools through cloud-based applications. Some of the tools many businesses are offering customers are:

  • Planning tools
  • Emergency management planners
  • Party planning
  • Mobile coupons
  • Electronic document signing
  • Access to live operators or coaches

There are many other tools that businesses are able to offer their customers through these cloud based applications, and the most innovative businesses are thinking of new ways to share their businesses with customers through applications every day.

6. Affordable Alternative to Expensive Business Management Systems

Business management systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the implementation of programs like Microsoft Great Planes software can cost millions. Applications which are developed for companies and store information on cloud servers are much more affordable. Using cloud servers gives businesses an affordable alternative to traditional business management systems that had to be implemented in house and were only accessible by accessing the company's on site servers.

Businesses around the world are taking advantage of the ability to work remotely through the use of customized cloud-based applications. These amazing business tools have changed the business world forever and customers will continue to see new and innovative ways that businesses will offer services and tools through the use of cloud-based applications.

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