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By Michael Davis

6 businesses you can start with little money

Are you good at arts and crafts? Good at home repair? Do you enjoy collecting and reselling? You can become an entrepreneur.

If you are like most people, you dream of the independence and financial security of owning your own business. But like most people, you lack the knowledge and resources. Let’s face it, running your own business takes time, hard work, dedication, and money.

It does take money to start a business, but there are some types of businesses that you can start in Denver with very little money. You may already have the knowledge, simply use what you know.

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Here are six types of businesses to think about.

1. Arts and crafts

If you are an artist or craftperson, consider selling your creations online. Ebay and Craigslist are just two popular ways; the possibilities are endless. All you will need to invest are your art supplies and some time. Whether you are a painter or a woodworker, consider the possibilities.

2. Services

Services do not cost money up front, because they are intangible. Can you detail cars, or fix small engines? If you have a skill such as mowing or landscaping, you are good to go. Also, in home daycares can be supported by state grants for food and supplies, as well as home improvements.

3. Consulting

If you already have years of experience and expertise in an industry, think about consulting. A consulting service provides information to existing businesses, who pay for the information you give them. The only overhead is in networking.

4. Resale

There are at least two types of resale. Online resale using drop shipping, or the more tangible way of reselling – buy things locally and reselling them. If you enjoy going to auctions, antique stores or yard sales and just picking items the second method of resale may be for you. And you can still sell those collectibles online. If you want a more hands-off approach, maybe drop shipping is for you.

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5. Freelancing

Whether you are a writer or web developer freelancing only requires an Internet connection and a computer. There are numerous online resources for every type of freelancing. If you love to write but never thought about making money at it, this may be the place to look.

6. Handyman service

Whether you are an experienced carpenter or a skilled handyman, you may be able to start a handyman service with just your tools and some networking. From house cleaning to house sitting, there is always a demand for services in the home. People are often too busy to do this work themselves, all you have to do is find the demand that fits your skills.

As you may now realize, you do not need a lot of up-front money for these six business ideas, as long as you have a plan and a business license. Use what you love to do already. Whether you are a professional, an artist, a skilled laborer or a service provider, you can put your skills to work in Denver for a reasonable investment of time and effort.

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