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By Mark Morris

6 awesome free stock photo sites you should be using

So, we wanted to share a dozen of our favorite sites that offer free stock images. We will be sharing them in two parts. Here are the first six.


With a stripped down user interface that makes the images the star of the site, Unsplash features an impressive, if small, collection of art images suitable for high-end use and presented under the Creative Commons Zero license. The images here can be used for nearly any purpose, including resale, without attribution or permission. The catalog is divided into loosely themed "collections," each with a sample image indicative of the contents. High quality, beautiful images are added weekly. This would be a good source for header and background images. No premium content.


Freeimages is a fairly typical stock image site with a large collection of free images, and a subscription side filled with premium content. The free images are neatly arranged in 26 categories, some featuring as many as 50,000 pictures. Free content here is subject to the same license limitations as the premium content, so be sure to read the license before publishing content using their images. Premium content is served up via an affiliate link from Getty images, one of the most extensive, and expensive collections online.


If hipsters use stock images, this is where they go to find them. With a funky, artistic flair, (bonus points for the name) has no searchable database or catalog. Instead, a free subscription lands hand-picked free images in your email weekly. The images they do let users see are eclectic and beautifully shot. There is a premium subscription with 95 photo packs, (1200+ images) and a new pack every two weeks, for either $15 a month or $180 for full access for one year.


PicJumbo is a hybrid "freemium" site with a decent sized collection of original work, over a thousand free images. Their premium subscription nets you an "all in one" pack that features all of the free images, plus for $10-$40 a month, receive new image packs with at least 30 new images per month. The PicJumbo catalog is filled with bright, clean, professional images suitable for mainstream use as blog illustrations, website content or for marketing. Images are free to use, as long as they are not redistributed as a primary product.


StockSnap, is a totally free image site, free from restrictions on use under the Creative Commons Zero license. Images are very high quality and searchable by keyword. Images can also be sorted by what is trending or by popular searches. There is no premium content, but the site does feature a free email subscription for new images.

6. StartupStock

StartupStock photos is a small, photo blog collection of images created for marketing by a single startup. Most images feature technology in modern, somewhat edgy office settings. Worth a look if you want casual business images of people at work, but rather uninspiring for much else. The collection is offered from restriction, but is not searchable, featuring a blog layout that requires you to scroll through to view images.

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