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By Jessica Holscher

5 tips for great SEO to boost your business

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a necessary tool for improving your business' search engine ranking and gaining more customers. Excellent SEO involves great content and link building. Check out these five tips for improving your company's SEO.

Use well-written content that serves a purpose

Well-written content has two key factors: it is grammatically correct, and it serves a purpose. Grammatically correct information is simple. It does not have typos or grammatical errors. Content that serves a purpose is a little more complicated, but put simply, it means the content is engaging and offers value to the reader. Do not write content just to have content, and do not just rewrite information that is already out there. Make the content you use interesting and valuable, so people want to read it.

Think about what your readers want to discover

Do not just write information about what your business does. Think about what your clients would find interesting. For example, if you own a shop that sells organic foods, your customers probably live healthy lifestyles.

So, instead of only talking about what is happening in your business or writing about organic foods, write content that teaches them about other healthy lifestyle options, such as alternative medicine, exercise and nutrition. They probably already know about organic foods, so help them discover something new.

Make content that is sharable

Sharable content starts a conversation. When someone reads something that is fresh and interesting, they want to share it with their friends and family, which exposes more potential clients to your company. To create content that is sharable, it must be unique and new, or you can take something familiar and look at it from another angle to make it seem new.

However, sharable content is not just engaging. It is also easy to scan, so readers can quickly jump to the sections they want. Content that is easy to scan includes:

• Descriptive subheadings
• Short paragraphs
• Bullet points
• Pictures that support the idea

Pick good keywords that fit

Keywords are the tools search engines use to help locate your website. Make sure you use the ones your clients and customers are using to search for businesses like yours, so they can find you. When using keywords, don't overuse or stuff them. Stick with a keyword density between two and five percent, and fit them into the content seamlessly. Stuffing keywords creates poorly written content that is unappealing to readers and customers.

Build good links and eliminate bad ones

One great way to build links to your site is by guest blogging on different blogs or posting content on different websites. The more credible sites that link back to your site, the higher you rise on the search engine results. However, if you have links on bad websites, it lowers your ranking. Therefore, it is important to only link via credible sites, and if you notice a link from a non-credible site, request they remove it.

The main feature of great SEO is great content. With well-written content, readers want to share your content, building links and exposure. For your next piece of content, do not just write: write well, and make readers want to share your content.

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