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By Jinger Jarrett

5 great tips to earn more with social media marketing

An effective social media marketing campaign helps a business build its brand and locate the right audience to build a customer base. Engaging your audience with good content leads to repeat business by adding value to a business's products or services. Finding new business is easier because social media makes it possible to connect with potential customers. Before creating a marketing strategy to use on social media, it is important to do your research, understand your audience, and create your content to meet your audience's needs.

1. Prepare an effective plan to engage customers and find new ones.

Before plunging into social media, it is important to understand how it works. Start by learning the terminology and what social platforms are available. Find the main audience for each platform to help locate which platforms your audience is using. Keyword research also helps here because keywords reveal what products or services potential customers want. The right keywords are also useful for locating valuable content to share with your audience. This adds value to product offerings and allows you to show your audience how you can solve its problems.

2. Build optimized profiles and pages for the right platforms.

Keywords are helpful for building social media profiles, too. The right keywords help your audience find you. Choosing the right platforms to market on determines what message can be delivered since different content works on different platforms. Including information about your business, photos, and the right content helps you build your credibility alongside your brand. Internet users aren't looking to buy when they go online. They are looking for information, education, and social interaction. They want to know that they can trust you before they buy from you. Build your relationship with your potential customers, and your business will be the one they remember when they are ready to buy.

3. Create or curate visual content.

The most popular form of online content is video followed by images. A video makes it easy to explain how a product solves a customer problem. Images allow businesses to share interesting information or quickly communicate a message. Since we all think in pictures and not words, a good image can quickly communicate a message that writing cannot. One example is food. Photos of food allow restaurants to present their menus visually and literally find a hungry crowd.

4. Use a wide variety of tactics to engage visitors.

Posting one story after another or one photo after another isn't enough to get potential customers to engage. Look for opportunities to connect with and build a relationship with your audience. Asking a question is a simple way to get visitors involved. Make the question interesting and tie it to your business. Another way to engage visitors is by offering a contest. Most people enjoy contests and the chance to win a prize. Quizzes and surveys offer an opportunity to interact with visitors, too.

5. Invest in automation.

You can have the best content and the best product, but if you don't post consistently, you may lose your audience, or they won't engage. Without automation, it becomes tedious to post your content on multiple social media platforms. Automation tools make it possible to post content when you need to and not just when you're available to post it. You can schedule weeks of social media content to post when your audience is online even if you aren't.

Understanding social media and then building a social media marketing plan based on research you have gathered about your audience makes it possible for you to engage them. When you understand who your audience members are and what they are looking for, you can build campaigns that engage your audience, build trust and credibility, and ultimately make the sale. Test and track your content to see which content performs the best in engagement and sales, and then use that information to create more content to grow your business.

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