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By telmican

5 Exciting And Most Used Recent Web Trends

How the web is changing and evolving is no secret. It’s happening right in front of our eyes. We have transformed from using email and instant messaging as the primary web-defining trends to a mobile era trend. According to The Next Web (TNW), a massive annual report by the We Are Social agency, 2017 marks the highest milestone in using the web, as half of the population globally has the Internet connection and use mobile browsing.

The fact that you get quick access to consistence on-the-go Internet with enough apps to keep you busy makes the mobile era a favorite. The smart and cool gadgets that can now connect and communicate to our smartphones skyrockets our desires to utilize more content. Check out the current Internet trends below that will leave you wondering how days were dull a few years back.

1. The Selfie Era

The advent of technology has changed the manner in which we take photos. The front-facing cameras on the smartphones have made it convenient for us to take pictures as selfies and share them on our social apps. The trend has grown to be loved and embraced by all. Moreso, many available photo editing apps help to customize your selfie before sharing it with your friends.

2. First Hand News On Twitter

For quick access to the most recent news, Twitter is the best option. The way we receive news and stay updated on the real-time happenings have changed. Though the report may not be credible or accurate, Twitter remains the best platform to fix your urgent news.

3. Animated GIFs

By crossing a short video and an image without the sound, we get a great animation known as a GIF. Popular social network platforms that use image-based content including Tumblr and Reddit are go-to places for sharing GIFs. Google embraced the use of GIFs by introducing a filter image search for animated GIFs.

4. Categorizing Content Through Hashtagging

Though Twitter was the pioneer of hashtagging, other networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr picked up quickly on the trend. Hashtagging has become a quick solution to efficiently categorizing content by using keywords or specific themes. For sure, this is a trend that we aren’t anticipating to leave soon.

5. Use Of Memes

Let’s just say that the way memes are getting shared on the Internet is crazy. In fact, websites like I Can Has Cheeseburger, BuzzFeed, and Know Your Meme are making millions out of memes. The viral power associated with ridiculous memes such as Doge and YOLO is evident. The truth is, we all love them and are always yearning for more. Thanks to the many available meme-generating tools, we can all create our memes.

The above trends form part of the many Internet trends happening today. Advancement in technology is the major contributor to the current web trend happening now. It is a no-brainer; since technology advent is a continuous process, we shall continue experiencing changes in Internet trends after some time. A few trends may have negative effects but the massive benefits that come with new trends make them unnoticeable. It is a wise decision to embrace the positive trends.

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